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  1. pin puiller

    1. blu240z


      Are you still lending the puller tool ?

  2. http://www.tothepointnews.com/content/view/3617/85/
  3. I did not mention it in the starting post but there is a distribution block with a 5/16" stud on the firewall that is used for the lead to the starter and the power tap for the add-ons. I plan to move the battery later and I will start at the distribution block. For the time being the battery is in the stock location. With the lead to the starter that is hex crimped there is no room for solder, and I don't think soldering and crimping is the way to go. When I bought the welding lead and lugs they offered to crimp them and the finished product looks well done.
  4. In the process of making my battery cables because I can't find ready made ones I really like. I have fine strand welding cable that I will use but when it comes to lug crimping I see that some solder, some crimp and solder and some are crimped only. I would think crimping alone would be good enough but I see 3 different crimp styles, indent crimping tool that uses a hammer and there's a diamond crimper that gives a square crimp and the last one is a hex crimper that is 6 sided. What have others been doing to put both ends on their battery cables.
  5. Is there someone in or close to Sarasota that can help me get something small shipped back to Oregon? PM me and I have further details about what the seller does not want to ship.
  6. I was going to buy that same 3 Way Connect from him until I found it was still available from Nissan for less than $12. It seems that a lot of his stuff is from Nissan at 3X the price. http://www.nissanparts.cc/cart/?pn=46313-68201
  7. http://www.V8-240Z.com/HybridZ/5levelsoflucky.wmv
  8. I saw the different prices also, I bought the 6" stainless digital calipers for $7.99 last weekend. I have 2 different catalogs with 2 different prices, $19.99, $17.49 and then found a internet price at $9.99 all the same SKU. I had a 20% off coupon that got it down to $7.99. I have several of the HF stores here in town and not al of them will honer the Internet price, but one store always has.
  9. I have bought tools from HF, some were good and some were so-so. I see that they have a Inside Track Club Member area that is just less than $10 a year that is supposed to give discounts/specials not available to the general public. Does any one here belong to it or have a commercial account? I could also open up a commercial account. I am looking for someone that has personal experience with either a inside track club membership or a commercial account.
  10. Wow... I just tried smith and my 97220 zip and it gave me a bunch of items a Michele Smith bought
  11. I personally would not do it. If you have a harborfreight near you buy one of their cheap reciprocating saws $39 (sawzall knock off) and it can handle all you want to do. My best guess is the wood miter saw is going to be damanged because it is not really made to do that.
  12. Not a wood working miter saw!!!! The sparks and heat from the abrasive cutoff wheel will melt the plastic blade guard and all the plastic that is close.
  13. I have the Makita version of that saw, it's a 12" cold cutter with the tripple chip carbide blade. The big difference between the cold cutters and abrasive cutter is the rpms, cold cutters spins at a slow 1300 rpm and the abrasive cutters are 3800 rpm.
  14. Once the part your drilling comes after you the foot switch will make a believer out of you.
  15. When I bought mine years ago I replaced the motor with a reversable one so I can drill/tap stuff and then back the tap out. I also put a foot switch on it to free up both hands. The time will come when your part that your working on will get away from you and you wished you could turn the drill press off real fast. With the foot switch I can just tap it for better control and the motor has a lot more torque when on the starter winding A cross slide vice is very usefull as is a V block. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=32997 http://www.eastwoodco.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemType=PRODUCT&RS=1&itemID=2182&keyword=43369&cm_mmc=undefined
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