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  1. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    it's the one made by Xenon. Made of urethane. I'm going to be making a carbon splitter to mount underneath to prevent it from collapsing due to apparent wind at speed. Here's one on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Xenon-3124-Primered-Urethane-Front-Air-Dam-for-70-74-Nissan-240Z-2-4L-2-6L/401459167707?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908110712%26meid%3D439ffbca5a3f46d3858c347b1c965dac%26pid%3D100677%26rk%3D6%26rkt%3D24%26sd%3D201603843396&_trksid=p2385738.c100677.m4598
  2. 2261 pounds 73 240z Turbocharged L28 R200 Full carbon interior Wilwood disc brakes 8 gallons of fuel Will be adding a roll bar soon.
  3. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    okay, so I am going to be registering my car and I think this time I actually want a vanity plate. I have a list of available potential options. You New Yorkers better not beat me to the punch on these!.....somebishes. Thoughts? Additional options?
  4. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    Hey thanks! The A pillar pod is from a first generation Mazda Miata (NA). I have yet to truly modify mine to fit - it will take some "massaging" to say the least.
  5. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    my newest post happened late last night. I just had the car dyno'd a couple days ago.
  6. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Yeah, I wasn't there to see...but I too would like to see the AFR's. I am excited and I think this engine will hit my 250-300 hp/tq goals with relative ease. Especially once I upgrade turbos. I asked for, and was told it was, a fairly conservative tune. It pains me that I wasn't there....haha. I look forward to documenting my results.
  7. Compare your Dyno sheets HERE

    Initial baseline tune, at 5-6 pounds boost, is 174whp and 218#tq - car weighs 2261 currently n42/n42 8.3:1 compression L28 440cc RC injectors Walbro 255 fuel pump shaved N42 non egr intake manifold 60mm ka24 throttle body stock 280zx t3 turbo stock wastegate settings (6psi) Megasquirt 2 v3.0 Wasted Spark - Coil On Plug setup - Ford V8 coils
  8. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    Carbon parts really help when they are truly carbon. I saved a lot of weight in my dash, and all my little widgets here and there. Car was fully stripped, so it doesn't have much material weight on it....I dunno though....saving weight has been a huge priority of mine. Car has like 8 gallons of fuel in it currently. And the hood (11 pound composite hood) was on the car for weighing. Air dam and front bumper weigh about 15 pounds together. I have been trying really hard to not add any weight, and save ounces wherever I could easily. Those apparently have added up nicely over time. I am pleased, because I know this is just the beginning. 2000lbs is the goal. Hopefully with me in it. But I am going to add a roll bar.....ugh...so first goal is to keep the same weight I have currently, after adding a roll bar. This is really fun for me. Saving weight is my specialty. Now I get to do it, and see return, on cars! Other Z is a 260 parts car that I sold actually. However the buyer of that car will most likely be dropping off his 280z to be painted. That is one reason for not wanting my 240 back in the garage quite yet, despite wanting to work on it so badly.
  9. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    Sorry guys...I suck. ...Hey, remember me? Well lots has changed since my last update. Life got crazy, I fell away for a while. I apologize. But I am back now with a hot fresh update! Since you have last seen me... The car got an air dam. I painted it with black base coat and satin clear. Took some fiddling and trimming to get the right fitment with those damn 17" wheels. And upon taking this photo I decided to finally address my bumper issues. So I straightened the all sorts of messed up rear bumper (thanks to me backing into my tractor years ago, but hey that's what it is there for, right? haha) Welded up any holes, and ground them smooth. Body worked and painted the same black and satin clear as the air dam. Now it was time to address the front. The car, in my care, has never had a front bumper. I was excited to change this, and really finish off the front of the car. Over the years of parts hording I accumulated a collection of various twisted, rusted, dented up bumpers from cars I have parted out. So I decided to take the best of the bunch and run with it. ....making my version of a "euro" bumper. I like how it turned out. Mounted - The car suddenly got mean looking. And I finished stupid odds and ends like Figuring out why it wouldn't go into gear. Adjusting the clutch master cylinder. Modifying the 4 speed shifter to work with my 5 speed transmission. Sorting the brake issues....things like that. Now it was finally back to being a car, basically. Just not quite road ready.... ....then right before winter hit - this happened. I took the car to BERG Racing in Rochester to finally dyno tune, and corner balance the car - things I couldn't do in my shop. I had no idea these guys existed....and if I had I probably would not have built my system myself....They actually reached out to me, over a random facebook post, and told me to bring the car in for finalizing. I gladly obliged, as this now freed up valuable space in my garage to do more volatile work, without fear of hurting the 240. These guys are absolutely the best I have ever dealt with. I can't even express... So a couple days ago this happened. [25 second video - click the following picture] These are exactly the numbers I was expecting. I am running only 5-6psi boost (stock wastegate setting) making as much power to the wheels as a stock l28et (the lower compression turbo version) makes at the crank, supposedly. This shows the difference between converting an N/A higher compression motor and sourcing out the lower compression "true" turbo motor. Also means my motor is still healthy. It means I am on the right track. The engine is barely trying, at only 5 psi, and makes 174hp and 218 foot pounds of torque, on a very safe, conservative, tune. I will very easily achieve my final goal of around 300/300 once I upgrade my turbo. In the meantime I am going to get a baseline butt dyno for the car with almost 100 pounds more torque than last time I drove it. Once I get that baseline, I'll keep turning the boost up on the tiny t3 until I stop going faster, and start losing traction, and see what I can eek out of the turbo in the meantime. I imagine it will live at 240-250hp fairly well, but anything above that will start to fatigue the turbo I think. Right now I'm sourcing a gt3071r with a .63 hotside for the future. That'll do me nicely I imagine. Then the car got aligned and corner balanced. I was very excited to see what it weighs. My goal was always to come in at under stock weight (2300-2400), after all of my modifications and additions to the car. I made that goal, and I know this is just the beginning for that. There is so much weight to be saved all over.....my wheels alone...the rotating mass...I mean c'mon. My next goal is 2200 with me and a roll bar. So yeah. 2261. Good starting point. I'm happy. Challenge accepted. Currently the car is still in Rochester, and with the weather I don't foresee me trailering the car back anytime soon. Ideally I am going to drive it home, so I will register the car and wait for the appropriate window of time to get it back here. I can use my garage to generate income in the interim. Although I am really really really REALLY excited to finally button the last things up. Like finish tucking wires, putting the front end back together, installing my tow hooks, lots of little things that will now be super enjoyable. But basically.... Insert Mike's meme 2018 is the year people. If you are reading this, I truly appreciate you following along. Cheers.
  10. Got my first order Ryan. Wearing one of my hoodies now. Mmmmmm warm. Thanks again! You're the man.
  11. Project Binkey

    Nick is an absolute maniac. I love it. Some of the best, most creative, fabrication I've seen.
  12. I'm game for 1x Large Long sleeve - Black 1x Large T-shirt - Heather Gray 1x Large Hoodie - Black 1x Large Hoodie - Charcoal
  13. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    Still chasing brake system leaks......The new master is leaking at the adapters for my OEM metric brake lines.....so I'm going to swap in the 3/16 sae fittings - remake the lines (2x 12" sections) - and reinstall.. Other than that...I've been busy. CVs are installed. Differential is filled. I wrestled with the tail light panels. "perfect fit" ...yeah....okay. After some chopping... I was able to get them mounted. These will work for now, but I'll probably make a set more to my standards. I confirmed timing, and installed the nice valve cover, coils, and other remaining engine components. The car fired right up, but is still running very lean, and hunting at idle. Looks just like a vacuum leak.....But, I've taken the intake manifold off a couple times, and believe that it is not a vacuum leak, but instead just insufficient fueling..When I rev the car, the mixture enriches, and will rev very strong and responsive. No hesitation. Only at idle does it hunt......But the serial to usb cable I use to communicate to megasquirt died, and my laptop won't keep a battery charge off of the charger, so I am waiting on some goodies from EFI Analytics - A bluetooth transmitter to transmit automatically to the Shadow Dash app on my tablet. So that's cool. Not as cool as an idling car, but pretty cool nonetheless. It'll be nice not being limited by 2 feet of usb cable. So once I fix the leak(s) the next step is to test that the driveline works. Currently, I can't get the car in first. I guess I need to investigate the slave cylinder hydraulics. In other, less car related, news I painted the garage. And remade some Whaler pieces that I broke, stupidly, last summer. Getting all the boats ready for Spring. My brother and I broke the seat back on our Whaler last season. He went airborne and fell into the seat back, snapping it off at the handle holes....This was on its maiden voyage of last year. So this has bugged the **** out of me since I restored the console. The old epoxied piece that got me through last season. I used this as a jig for the router. I bought a beautiful 10' long solid mahogany plank and used it as the stock for both a seat back, and a replacement (non plywood) bow locker hatch. No more handle holes. Or as I call it, "fall into proof" Bow locker replacement. Unique looking grain. I like it. Chris Craft Mahogany filler stain And then 6 coats of Epifanes varnish. The first coat is thinned 50% with brushing liquid. The second is thinned 25% and the final coats are thinned at around 10%. The last coat is thinned at 50% once again to really flow nice. Sanded with 220-320 between coats. still need to tuck those wires... Next: the whole boat needs a buff, and Ptef treatment. Then she is getting launched. Not too shabby for being 47 years old. Gotta love a classic. Also, I was given a drone! So look forward to seeing some drone stuff. This will make my sailing and car videos much better. The following video is garbage, literally my first flight, in whatever lighting was available. Mainly a test of the gimbal, which works really well. I've learned so much since this. Very fun! so stay tuned for that!
  14. Modified 240z on BaT

    Final EDIT(8): Twenty nine grand huh? This is a pretty good baseline for me, personally, as this is similar to - but lesser than - my build. I'm looking at potential insurance options, and I'm having a hard time assessing my car's value given the quickly climbing market. Jesus, it jumped nine grand in the last five minutes... Scary times gents..
  15. Luna: The cause of, and solution to, all of my problems

    Bench bled the master Installed... Tomorrow I will check for leaks, and jack the car up in preparation for bleeding the system again. Then I'll spend a couple days under the car dialing suspension/alignment settings, installing CVs, filling the diff, etc..... Then If I've made it that far successfully, then we go about plugging the computer in and see what it does. C'mon brakes...no leaks.