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  1. slownrusty

    Finally sprayed my Z

    Beautiful paint!
  2. I just had these wheels custom made using old school SSr XR4Z centers and new 17" barrels - three piece.
  3. slownrusty

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    Thank-you sir!
  4. slownrusty

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    Yes my car is sitting on coilovers. Rear ET is -13mm
  5. slownrusty

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    Thanks guys. The wheels are 17x8.5 - Front, 17x9 - Rear. I could have squeezed a 9.5" in the rear but happy with the way with the way they look on the car.
  6. slownrusty

    Sign in if you own an s130!

    The Datsun is ready to roll! New paint, new wheels, new cooling system, new carpet..just to name a few. My twenty year (20) project...yes I've had it that long.
  7. slownrusty

    Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator - Free

    I feel terrible that this damage happened, but accidents do happen and jacking cars 2+ feet off the ground is a bit of s science, I'm glad that I have some company in this department but sorry to hear the news Superz and Chicago240z. Be safe guys and thanks for chiming in and making me feel a bit better.
  8. slownrusty

    Brand New T5 Short Shifter - $45

    It was a direct copy of the B&M but CNC'd (fabricated) locally. This item is now sold - thank-you Yasin
  9. Brand New 240Z headlight and wiper combo switch, still sealed and never opened. This item was refurbished using all NOS Nissan parts - everything on it is perfect, the plastic (no discoloration), the harness plugs etc. I bought this 9 years ago for a restoration project that never came to be and I am cleaning out the garage. I wasn't sure how to price this item as its been so long since I bought it but remember paying a lot for it, I noticed identical ones on eBay are for sale in the $300-$600 range. I'll pay the shipping using FedEx. I would appreciate payment via Paypal to [email protected] (using the family and friends option to avoid the Paypal fees). Thanks - Yasin
  10. Brand New T5 Short Shifter - $45 How about $5 for shipping, so $50 total? This is brand new and compatible with Nissan's Borg Warner T5, an item I bought 12 years ago and never used. I would appreciate payment via Paypal to [email protected] (using the family and friends option to avoid the Paypal fees). Thanks - Yasin
  11. slownrusty

    280ZX Stainless Trim B Pillar - $50 shipped

  12. Really good condition, $50 I'll pay shipping. Paypal (family and friends option) to [email protected] Thanks - Yasin
  13. slownrusty

    Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator - Free

    The story is.....during Hurricane Harvey I was jacking up my cars at 2am trying to save them and get them several feet off the ground, I was tired, anxious and so stressed, based on that my Datsun rolled forward a few inches when I was jacking it up and slipped off the floor jack, causing the top of the floor jack to smush the bottom of the radiator. So yes I am the culprit but the car did not get a drop of water in it during these historical floods. The radiator does not leak and the car never overheated afterwards with the damage to it. A fellow enthusiast picked it up last week, so it will live on and can be repaired.
  14. slownrusty

    Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator - Free

    This item has now been spoken for. Thank-you. Yasin
  15. Hi Friends - I am cleaning out my garage and offering this Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator for free, please pay the shipping and its yours. The radiator is a few years old and I paid $400 for the radiator and then another $100+ to have the aluminum studs for elec. fans everything is TIG welded, I also had a new Earls fitting TIG welded on for the expansion tank (as per the pictures). I then spent 5 hours polishing the radiator to a mirror finish. I have easily $500+ just in the radiator. A few quick notes: 1) The bottom of the radiator is damaged from a hydraulic jack as per the pictures. This radiator will fit on a Datsun Z or ZX. Thank-you and Happy Holidays. Yasin