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  1. unbreakable

    Need a 240Z Shell - Philly Area, PA

    I have one that runs but needs minor body work, solid frame email me at [email protected] 1200 takes it away, need to get a truck don't have time for a toy at the moment
  2. unbreakable

    Driver side outside door handle

    I need a driver side outside door handle and all the mechanisms that go with it. hope someone can help me out, thanks
  3. My sender took a poop on me, aswell as the gas tank so i have a fuel cell coming, it has a gm style sender 0 ohms= empty 90 ohms =full, i need to find out the ohm range for a 77 280z, any help finding the answer would be awsome, i would measure mine but it doesnt work
  4. unbreakable

    WTB: 240Z, 260Z around PA and tri-state area

    lol too funny we have been emailing back and forth , you still havent gotten back to me, i just bought a fuel cell for the car too.
  5. unbreakable

    Trade my Prelude for a Z....PA

    argggh to bad you have a prelude , i would trade my 77 but for a truck or something else rwd. Mine has minimal rust solid floors and frame, but i would let it go for cheap pm me if your interested.
  6. unbreakable

    Parting out 75 280Z

    Do you happen to have a fuel tank, and the driver side outer door handle and accs.
  7. unbreakable

    280zx near Pittsburgh PA

    i have a 77 i will let go for 1200 thats min. and i can deliver to you, for 200 bucks. needs a fuel tank an. driverside outside door handle, and other misc things fires right up if you want pics pm me
  8. unbreakable

    walboro 255 issue's HELLLLPPPPP!!

    OK so i am working on a friend of mines 78 280z, he wanted me to intsall a aftermarket fuel pump he went with the walboro 255, external pump. I installed it in the stock location in the stock brackets. Put the power and ground on , primed the pump, turn the key heard it run tried to start the car, started and ran for less than a minute then died. Cranked and nothing no fuel, primed it again and same thing happened. Does the new pump need a new heavier relay to stay running, i burnt up my magnetic test leads running the pump on 12v. If any one has any suggestions that would be great !!!!!
  9. unbreakable

    ka24de & 77 l28e 5spd

    i also hate pulling stuff off at the yard, i need to get my hands on a entire z31 or z32 rear subframe , thats going to be fun to do on my back !!!
  10. unbreakable

    ka24de & 77 l28e 5spd

    yea i guess im fishing a little bit lol, i actually need to find out again what my 5spd is from, when i got the car for free!! it already had the 5spd in it. so now i just need to determine the year. A custom cradle for my swap will definitly be used, an im trying to think of a way that i can convert to dry sump, maby make a kit and sell it. Any machine shop can put a different bushing in the trans to make the bearing hole bigger or smaller, i just thought it would be better if i didnt have to go through all the nonsense and just bolt it up and go.
  11. unbreakable

    ka24de & 77 l28e 5spd

    so you guys are saying my 77 280z with my 280zx 5spd will bolt directly and work correctly with the ka24de with out any mods?
  12. unbreakable

    ka24de & 77 l28e 5spd

    ok i was told something totally different, in order to retain the stock l28 5 spd, you would have to pull the 56mm bearing off the counter shaft and replace it with,62mm one, the ka transmissions bell housing has to be used,but there is a problem the 280zx top shift rod is 14mm in diameter, but the ka bell housing has a 16mm hole for the 71c larger shaft. only the 1st/2nd shift rod was enlarged to 16mm, the other two are 14mm; The same as the 71b, bu
  13. unbreakable

    Short nose R230 and R200 info and why.

    i just have a quick question, whats the wheel base in the rear of a 280z compared to the z31 and z32? any wider, are the mustache bars different? and if the wheel base is the same why not just swap the rear subframe an all into the 280z, best of both world disc brakes, better rear, so on and so forth. If i am in the wrong thread please direct me to the correct one!
  14. unbreakable

    1987 z31 turbo lsd for sale

    is it a long nose or short nose r200,might be a stupid question but im asking anyway lol
  15. unbreakable

    wtt 05 mustang gt setup/wtb ka24de setup

    very true, its basically a front clip not a whole car, but maby i should post there aswell lol. if no one on hybrid wants it i might have to sell it to a yard