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  1. Before I buy them I'd figure I'd check to see if anyone had a set they ended up not using they want to part with, thanks
  2. still looking! let me know if you have anything! you can even text me: 484 three six six 4148!
  3. Yes still looking. Ill pm you both
  4. anyone? I found an NOS ignition switch so I don't need that. Still looking for a matching door and hatch lock set though!
  5. Looking for a set of 240z Door and Hatch Locks (with keys!). I'd prefer to get something NOS with matching key sets so I don't have to run a different key for ignition switch, door locks, and rear hatch. I'd even be interesting in purchasing a whole set (ignition switch, door locks, and rear hatch) Don't want to pay the outrageous price of 650$ for a new set though. Lemme know! Thanks, Dave (You can text me at 484 - three six six - 4148 as well)
  6. Yeah I was gonna say looking at the pictures again looked like it was a spline time. Sounds good to me, yeah I realize it's gonna have some slop.
  7. How does the QR work on it? Is it a pin type like the others? Also is there any slop in it?
  8. Awesome, I'll do just that, yeah the hub that came with my car is like 4" long. So I'll just order a new momo hub, the wheel I have now is completely flat so I should be good. Thanks for your help.
  9. So I need a new steering wheel for my 240 cause some how the threads on the adapter got stripped out, I currently removed the adapter and put the stock steering wheel on and I really like how its further away from my body but Don't like the size of the wheel (diameter). Does any one know if they sell steering wheels that will slip on the factory spline's but a smaller in diameter? I'm limited on room b/c of my rollcage and like not using the huge adapter to get a smaller wheel.
  10. can u send me a picture of your companion flanges?i jus purchased a set of hubs and stub axles the other day so maybe they might work..

  11. I have a pair (hub & companion flange) with no studs or nut however. Looking for 75+shipping
  12. Never seen a Datsun before or even knew they existed till I was 17 and working in a garage, one came in for inspection, which of course, failed b/c of rust and other issues. My father picked it up for $300 and ended up fixing it up for my younger brother. I checked them out on line and fell in love with the idea of a V8 swap. Couple years later (after I completely forgotting and got over the V8 S30S), a guy my mom knew wanted help to sell his car because he wasn't very technology savvy. So I drove over to his house to take pictures and get all the information, he opens the garage and what's inside? A 1971 240z with the 350/350 swap in it. I instantly fell in Love, he was looking for $8000, i was able to coax him down to $5000 and I picked her up the next day. Drove this for a few months, till unfortunately after a monent of stupidity in a rain storm, rapped it around a telephone pole doing 60. Was able to limp home (some how) and in to the garage. Instantly on the search for a new body (and a good excuse to tell the parents.) Found a shell about 500 miles away and went and picked it up for a few hundred bucks. Have been modifying it for the last 2 years and it's finally almost ready for the road today. Trust me, after 2 years and over $15000 I don't think I'll be making any stupid moves with this one. Haha, I'll just sit it in the garage and look at it every couple hours. They are a thing of beauty, and with 400hp under your right foot ready to push a ~2200lb car anywhich way you want it, a force to be reckoned with. Learned my lesson with the first one, have to respect the car and not let it get to your head.
  13. Just wanna share that I put my 71 240z in to a telephone poll going 60+ mph not wearing a seat belt or anything. Bent the whole frame about 4 inches to the left, popped out the windshield, smashed the rear quarter and pass. side in about a foot. Drove it a mile back to work and walked away with nothing more than a sore neck.
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