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  1. MS Tuner In NJ

    my shop is twisted tuning. twistedtuning.com, and twisted tuning on facebook.
  2. MS Tuner In NJ

    i own a small Dyno shop in levittown pa, 5 minutes from the burlington/bristol bridge. i have tuned three turbo miatas, a turbo horizon and am working on a rb25 swap in a s13 right now. my shopmate has built megasquirt boxes from scratch. i am more that happy to fully tune, rent dyno time and guide you tuning yourself or rent the dyno for your own tuning. my number is 215-310-8851. its my cell so you can text me if you want. Let me know what u need. I am a nissan guy at heart. my 88 z31t is making 498 whp 497 tq on a stock na block. cams and heads, running a haltech e6k and a t67 turbo. it should make a lot more next time on the dyno. I will be the mobile dyno guy at the carlisle performance and style and import/kit car weekend if you guys are going to that.
  3. There will be an all Nissan/infiniti drag race/car show at Atco raceway in New jersey Sunday September 22, 2013. I am having an all Nissan dyno day at my shop the day before Saturday the 21st. in Levittown pa. Info for the Dyno Day. Address: Twisted Tuning 2203 Veterans Highway suite A Levittown PA 19056 215-310-8851 Starts at 10am $40 for three pulls Facebook Link https://www.facebook.com/events/148155932049645/ Drag Racing Info: Atco Raceway 1000 Jackson road Atco NJ Facebook Link http://www.facebook.com/nissaninfinitishootout website Link http://nishootout.com/ Should be a good time.
  4. Finally tuning the monster z31

    i believe that a t67 is a little bigger than a gt35r. i think that with the 3.5 setup i want to run twin billet 6262's since this season is almost over. we will see. this turbo isn't even in its effiency range at 15 psi.
  5. Ths is coming up this weekend. Have some nice cars coming. Some 510's, a 700 hp tt z32, 600 hp sc300. Come on out.
  6. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Two coils are on there way out so ordered them from haltech and they should be here by the weekend.
  7. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Well, a couple of things happened there. I did let off fairly early. Redline is set low because it is a stock na block, heads, cams so i want it to last a little bit. I did have some wiring gremlins that i took care of since and there are new ign wires on there now. Also there was a shoty circuit board on the dyno which is getting replaced tomorow. It still does break up top so it may be one of the coils going bad. I have a vg33 bored to a 3.5 with forged brc pistons, scat rods, s2 cams, rebuilt heads, mueller twin disc at the machine shop ready to go when i say so but i want to get the highest hp stock block and fastest 1/4 mile before i throw that beast in. I think that it is 450ish and 11.6. Going to do a 100 octane 20psi tune very soon to beat it.
  8. This is the first of many dyno days at twisted tuning. Will start at 9:00 am saturday morning and go till early evening. The dyno is a brand new dynocom 2wd eddy current dyno capable of handling 1250 whp. Any fwd or rwd nissan/infinity/datsun are welcome. $40 will get you three pulls, printout sheet and email of the file. Highest hp will get a free dyno pull in the future and the lowest hp will get a 2 hours of dyno tuning voucher. There will be complimentary cheesesteaks, pizza and soda for everyone. The address is: 32 west street road Feasterville, pa 19053. 215-310-8851 We are in the left bay of the one source automotive building right next to advanced auto just past the bustleton pike intersection. Please post or pm me if you are planing on attending.
  9. Finally tuning the monster z31

    made some more adjustments and did a couple of pulls with load. This is still at 15psi. Can't wait for a little race gas and 20 psi. Going to the track tomorrow to see what it will do.
  10. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Here's the youtube link.Â
  11. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Here is a little video teaser. Not done tuning it yet but it is coming along nicely. Took it out tonight to get more gas and it felt good. Yes i am going to be getting a steering wheel soon in case you are wondering.Â
  12. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Its not a shiro Well, got a baseline run in today. It made 317/348 at 15 psi but my intake manifold broke and i let off at around 6k as it went pig rich. The divider in the manifold broke off inside and was rattling around. Other than taking a couple of minutes to figure out where the rattling was coming from everything is ok. Should have better numbers by next week. Not going to post the graph as it is rough at the end.
  13. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Pic of it coming together.
  14. Finally tuning the monster z31

    Should tune it tomorow. Its a brand new dynocom 5000 eddy brake 2wd dyno. Right now its a stock 87 na block, rebuilt heads, stock cams, spec stage 3 clutch, 1000cc injectors, haltech e6k standalone, tt fuel pump, precision 38 mm wastegate, tial 44 blowoff, vacuum actuated cutout, satans custom plenum, log manifold, fuel rails, t67 turbo, etc. I have a vg33 at the machine shop being bored to a vg35 with brc forged pistons, scat rods, jim wolf s2 cams, adj. Cam gears, etc but they are taking their time so i thew this motor in for now. Going for the fastest, most hp stock block z31 which is 480whp and 11.6
  15. Well the z and new dyno are both ready to roll so it should be a fun weekend. Stock block, rebuilt head, mls gaskets, haltech e6k, t67 turbo, 1000 cc injectors, custom satan plenum and exhaust manifold. Should have my built vg35 back by the end of august but this should make some power until then.