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  1. Im looking for undamaged 280z door cars. just the cardboard. not really interested in the material since im replacing it. im located in NJ 08110 and im willing to pay for shipping.
  2. Im looking to get the metal piece that houses the license plate that goes in between the 240z tail lights. Also if anyone know where i can get the little metal hooks that are used to hold the metal bezels in place that would be great. thanks
  3. I recently got a hybrid turbo from Arizona Tractor Supply for my l28et and now im tring to figure out what should I do about my wastegate. i still have the stock one but idk how to mount it or should i get a new actuator. Please help. i know its been covered before but I couldnt find a direct answer and with busy work schedule i cant afford to look for ever.
  4. I would also like to be added to the list. tired of burning one tire haha
  5. i have the toyota calipers and im using a 280z 2+2 booster (10inch) and wilwood 1 inch master cylinder
  6. I need help finding someone who can tune my Datsun near NJ area
  7. second the tweeters on a pillar idea. also maybe a apillar gauge pod that doesnt suck!!
  8. Im looking to get factory looking door panels from fiberglass
  9. Can I get a panel that looks just like stock?
  10. I was trying to be careful but literary the first hole i drilled went right thru it. its a 1977 280z btw
  11. I was installing the rear passenger side flares and i cut thru some wires. What was it??? thanks guys
  12. It appears as though the previous owner installed two passanger side rear control arms. One was simple flipped upside down. So I ma need to buy a new one. Unless someone know if I can just flip it and use it. I'm located in NJ cherry hill. I rather meet up but if I can't find anything here I'll pay for shipping.
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