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  1. 240Z Series 1 1/70 Build VIN HLS3000663

    I had one with a smashed roof about 4 years ago. It sold to a race team in Rochester. I will try to get VIN of other one today.
  2. 240Z Series 1 1/70 Build VIN HLS3000663

    Thank you RB26TTZ!!! When you click on the link hit "esc" if you don't have an account or don't want to sign up to dropbox to view the pictures.
  3. 240Z Series 1 1/70 Build VIN HLS3000663

    Punxsutawney Clive Thank you very much for your input. A friend of mine in Binghamton bought this car for a project build of another. He did nothing to the car but sell it to me a few days ago. I am also picking up another 2/70 build date from him with correct dash/ console. I am hunting down the transmission for it. Someone has removed the ID plate for paint but did not put it back. I am trying to track that down as well. I have the Registration of owner who drove it until 98 (if i remember correctly - its in a file at my shop). I will contact him for more info. The body is good but the work will be in floor pans and finding correct parts. I have sent a moderator to this forum a link to my dropbox with 65 photos of the car so you guys can get a better feel for it.
  4. 240Z Series 1 1/70 Build VIN HLS3000663

    I'm not sure how to add more pics I can email some to you. My email is [email protected]
  5. 240Z Series 1 1/70 Build VIN HLS3000663

    The stamp on the L24 is 3377. I am trying to trace the history of the car to find if it's original.
  6. I am selling a Jan 70 build 240Z. VIN on this car is HLS3000663 $7500 OBO. The body is in good condition but needs floor pans and Passenger Fender. This car turns over and runs rough but has had carbs pulled to rebuild. Need to note up front it has a dealer installed sun roof. It has a 5 speed ATK Made In Japan Transmission stamped 7730317. The car is nearly complete but needs carpet and front bumper. It has a Series 2 Hatch. Speedo may not be correct as it starts at 10mph and may not have proper center console. It does not have tail lights/ passenger door dog leg latch/ front bumper. Dash has 3 repairable cracks. Driver seat stitching seam has come undone in one section of bottome piece, but other than that seats are in very good condition. I originally bought it to part it out to a few customers needing parts but when I picked it up and saw VIN and can not part it out. It comes with a transferable registration and bill of sale of which is required in NY to title/ register it. I have many pictures of it if you want me to email them to you. I am listing it on ebay in next couple days in auction format. When you click on the link hit "esc" if you don't have an account or don't want to sign up to dropbox to view the pictures. Photos >> https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uqodrxyvhcanvie/AACFYtNgirZ3i7FwIH0cdsy5a
  7. 240z 1970-1972 Wanted

    I have a 1/70 build 240z HLS3000663 for sale. It is a great early car needing some restoration. Only rust is floor pans and small hole on roof. I has a dealer installed sunroof. It runs but needs new carbs. I am looking for $7500 for it. I can send more pictures info if interested.
  8. I have recently purchased a 90 Z32 2+0 NA to clean up and resell. I have had quite a few 71-96 Z cars and am decent with knowledge of history on S30 and Z32. This one has me confused with VIN and build date. The build date of the one I have is 4/89. It is Super White with Red Interior (after looking at production numbers appears to be somewhat rare). I previously believed late 89 was the first intro of Z32 in the US. I have found one site that said there is a 2/89 build date introduction but nothing else. I know the Z32 was in Japan a few years prior to US but as a different body style. I am trying to verify or find out where to look for information on what month did Z32 Come to US and what is first build date of the US body style. Last 6 of VIN is 006849 making it under the first 10,000 made of this body style. Does anyone know what first VIN in US was and what month the US Z32 was introduced?
  9. WTB: 240Z Ebrake handle

    I have a pretty nice one in a 73 I'm parting out if you are still looking.
  10. S30 Body parts small pieces

    I have passenger side feel free to contact me at [email protected]