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  1. LOL guess I should have mentioned its a 1/4 drag car so I want to launch it as hard as possible (straight ahead and not up in the air).
  2. Guys I need some help adjusting my 4 link suspension. Car is currently lifting the front way to far of the ground when I launch using 180HP Shot of NOS of a WOT switch. Bars are currently sitting level which way do I need to move them. Thanks Curtis
  3. Yep Dana 60 with 4 link.This summer its been 11.3-11.4 on the motor so I'm normally getting about a second and a half
  4. I've been running NOS for a few years now I finally got around to adding a NOS fuel return line no more stumble of the line but now I have another issue to get around. See video link. 350SBC with 180 Shot NOS
  5. zthis

    guess on weight??

    Those tires are big hope your planning on making some serious HP.
  6. zthis

    Testing Our New Project

    what size tires ?
  7. zthis

    My First 9 second pass

    our timing system only gives 660 ET that was 6.298
  8. zthis

    My First 9 second pass

    LOL you were close ... just an unused air strip which is of a back road in the middle of nowhere.
  9. zthis

    My First 9 second pass

    11.75 to 1 forged pistons, crank and rods, edelbrock 64CC performer rpm heads, comp xtreme solid cam 288, roller rockers holley 750DP 350 tranny with TCI 3500 stall. Same day at the track I was running 11.30 on the motor
  10. Well I finally made it into the 9s [email protected] with a 1.434 on a 210 shot of NOS theres more there yet heres a video of the pass http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=DHNMeBd-10M
  11. zthis

    Stud Advice Please

    I should also add the reason behind this post is that I ran too much NOS (210HP) into a SBC (which BTW grumpy had advised me not too in a previous post) anyway I think i lifted the head, overheated the engine, melted the strap of a spark plug and broke of a rocker arm stud all on the same run trying to better my newest personal best ET of 9.88. I'd like to change from a FEL PPO precompressed 1003 head gasket to a multi layer gasket but i'm not sure if i can do this as there's a slight ridge on the heads from the previous gaskets. I'm trying to make the motor strong enough for 250HP NOS runs.
  12. zthis

    Stud Advice Please

    thanks grump can you tell me anything about "Undercut" studs are they worth the extra $$$
  13. I'm thinking about upgrading my after market head bolts to ARP studs. Can someone tell me what the advantage is to having the "uncut" stud version and if there is really any advantage to having 12 point nuts. thanks Curtis
  14. GrummyVette as always the voice of knowledge and reason.....oh well better go to the garage and squat all my 250+HP NOS jets with a hammer before I do something stupid. Thanks I guess