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  1. It made 945 whp, I will have to look and see the torque number.
  2. I just went a 5.23 in the 1/8 th which crosses to a 8.04 in the 1/4. I have been a 8.57@158 . Thanks
  3. This past weekend I took the Z to the track after doing some updates. The last time I had it at the track was April 2018. I went to Thunder Valley Dragstip in Red Springs, NC. First pass I snapped the 4 bolts that bolt the driveshaft to the pinion flange. I can’t complain because they have been in the car for 12 years. I got them replaced. Went to the starting line and went a 5.23 in the 1/8 th did not have the mph. Now guys this is a stock R200 with 300ZXT CV axles and stock stub axles. First off all the glory to God!!! I have a Great friends and family. Thanks
  4. Wow, I did not know that you crashed your Z Turbo Meister!!! Glad you okay!!!
  5. RebekahsZ, we are using a two speed power glide with 1.74 straight cut gear set, 3.54 welded rear end, 28X9 M/T slicks with 10# of air, and a 4500 Cameron converter and leaving on the trans brake at 3800rpm. The car has put down the best 60' of a 1.31.
  6. We are running the original stubs and rearend that came in my Z. It is a 1976 280Z we have had a 412 sbc with NOS, 355sbc with 671 blower on C16 racing gas , same motor and blower but with Alky and a Birdcather mech fuel injection, and now a 355sbc with twin 65mm turbos with E85 EFI. we went 9.21@153 on the stock haftshafts with the blower on racing gas, we then went to the 300ZXT CV axles, and the car went a 5.61@129mph and a 8.67@158mph in 2012 with the turbo setup. The car now runs 5.40@135, we have not run it in the quarter since 2012 but it should go a 8.40 @165+ in the quarter.The last
  7. I would love to, but that is about 11 hour drive for me. Good luck to you and keep me posted, I hope you still have my number. I will let you know when I hang it out in the quarter again. Thanks
  8. That 8.67 @ 158 mph was with a 5.61 @ 129 mph in the 1/8th, the car now runs 5.43 @135mph, and should go in the low 30's ,that should be a 8.38 to 8.40 in the 1/4. I will be talking it to a quarter mile track when it starts cooling off. Jon Phillips 1QuickZ does run the corvette center section with custom 4x4 axles with u joints. Thanks for the shout out RebekahsZ!
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