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  1. 29078 zip , Black shirts (1) 2XL , and (1) 3XL. Thanks
  2. jnjdragracing

    SBC Turbo Setups?

    Wow, I did not know that you crashed your Z Turbo Meister!!! Glad you okay!!!
  3. jnjdragracing

    1000rwhp Lt1.

    How much NOS are you using?
  4. jnjdragracing

    Junkyard 6.0 test passes

    Sweet!!! Glad to see you are back Mike!!!!
  5. jnjdragracing

    Project Rex Killer, 240z LS3

    Nice build, really nice!!!
  6. jnjdragracing

    How fast with stock stubs and flanges?

    RebekahsZ, we are using a two speed power glide with 1.74 straight cut gear set, 3.54 welded rear end, 28X9 M/T slicks with 10# of air, and a 4500 Cameron converter and leaving on the trans brake at 3800rpm. The car has put down the best 60' of a 1.31.
  7. jnjdragracing

    How fast with stock stubs and flanges?

    We are running the original stubs and rearend that came in my Z. It is a 1976 280Z we have had a 412 sbc with NOS, 355sbc with 671 blower on C16 racing gas , same motor and blower but with Alky and a Birdcather mech fuel injection, and now a 355sbc with twin 65mm turbos with E85 EFI. we went 9.21@153 on the stock haftshafts with the blower on racing gas, we then went to the 300ZXT CV axles, and the car went a 5.61@129mph and a 8.67@158mph in 2012 with the turbo setup. The car now runs 5.40@135, we have not run it in the quarter since 2012 but it should go a 8.40 @165+ in the quarter.The last time we dynoed the car it made 945hp at the rear tires.I hopes this sheds some light on your questions.We have been running this car for 12 years now. Jerry
  8. jnjdragracing

    Fastest IRS S30

    I would love to, but that is about 11 hour drive for me. Good luck to you and keep me posted, I hope you still have my number. I will let you know when I hang it out in the quarter again. Thanks
  9. jnjdragracing

    Fastest IRS S30

    That 8.67 @ 158 mph was with a 5.61 @ 129 mph in the 1/8th, the car now runs 5.43 @135mph, and should go in the low 30's ,that should be a 8.38 to 8.40 in the 1/4. I will be talking it to a quarter mile track when it starts cooling off. Jon Phillips 1QuickZ does run the corvette center section with custom 4x4 axles with u joints. Thanks for the shout out RebekahsZ!
  10. jnjdragracing

    New Acquisition

  11. Great 60' time, my car has been a 1.31 but averages 1.36 on 28x9 M/T slicks, I could leave harder but I don't think the R200 could handle stress.
  12. jnjdragracing

    Purchased my first LS engine!

    Thanks, Hans (Turbo Meister). Well now that you mentioned it I have had a nine inch and ladder bar set up for 5 years and this might be the year, I want to hang it out in the 1/4 one more time. In 2012 it went a 8.67@158 with a 5.61@ 130 in the 1/8th. And now it has been a 5.43@135 it should go a 8.38 @160+ according to my calculations. I believe the car can go a 5.30 now or high 20's, I hope to find out in a few weeks we will be doing some more testing. The LS motor will be in the future.
  13. jnjdragracing

    Purchased my first LS engine!

    Thanks for the info.
  14. jnjdragracing

    Purchased my first LS engine!

    texis30O, what heads did you go with, did you change the rods,pistons or crank?
  15. Well I have been running sbc (Gen 1) for a long time, but purchased a 2001 5.3 today. So I will be trying to find the best direction to go with the build. It will have twin turbos and EFI. I hope this is a okay platform to start with. The motor was running but had cold start up lifter noise, only $250.00 complete so I think it was a good deal. I will continue to run the 355sbc for now, but will be working on the 5.3.