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  1. Was that front end damaged red 300zx picture after or before you were welding? I thought possibly you were welding to fix some seams, but then i saw the front end damaged picture adn it made me think of the possibility that you could have either fixed the front end before the collision or before. It seems more likely the welding was after the collision with a new front end, but i just wanna ask.

  2. 1971 240z for sale 800$ obo

    hey guys sorry about all that i had to go to texas for awhile i jus moved back to georgia i still have the car and it is no longer for sale. and i finally have pics check my garage
  3. Mat's "Flat Black Z" Build Thread

    no its not lol but its so sexy my cars are in the garage
  4. Mat's "Flat Black Z" Build Thread

    thats kind of funny FLATBLACKZ i own a flat black 240z and a red 86 300zx we almost have the same cars lol
  5. got a guy from classiczcars.com coming over tomorrow to help me with my s30 wish me luck

  6. Cheap and effective e-brake cover idea!

    in mine and my friends z31 we have new schoole bmx grips for our e brake handle. good for drifting lol. i wonder if it will work for my s30?
  7. RIP...L28

    where did you get the filters
  8. 1971 240z for sale 800$ obo

    i have no camera my phone doesnt even have a camera ill try to borrow my friends
  9. 1971 240z for sale 800$ obo

    located off exit 13 off 400 car runs needs work holes in flor pans everything else is solid cant afford the car. need to fix my truck. brad new seats and door panels. new satin black paint doors back shaved bumpers holes filled in custom hand made rear flares. make an offer need to sell in less than five days. sorry about spelling bad keyboard
  10. gallery fresh

    is any body interested?
  11. gallery fresh

    also the pictures show these fasteners on extremely high performance cars i have read about them they are putting these on cars that suffer way more forces than a street z ever would and u dont have to get colored you can get chrome. and another point philips screws strip way easier than hex.
  12. fuel tank, lines and such

    woah woah woah where do i get that gold standard stuff and how much i almost bought a new tank today
  13. Replacing glass with Lexan, Question

    im having same issues i want to do lexan on the windshield is it street legal?
  14. gallery fresh

    can you spread word of these fasteners though?
  15. gallery fresh

    i just discovered gallery fresh fasteners. the only thing is they have no application for classic z's they are a new company so i figure if i can get enough z owners to request these fasteners they will make them.http://galleryfresh.com/7.html click the llink