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  1. Hello everyone. I've been away from the forum for some time and I'm sort of out of touch. I have four "Z"'s and would like to start getting back to them. I see Black Dragon has closed the Z parts business. Where are you guys getting your parts these days?
  2. Nice work Redneck. Thanks for all your posts and pictures.
  3. Just for the record, Shelby first had a deal with GM to furnish SBC's for the Cobra but GM backed out after the first few were built because they didn't want Shelby's cars beat the Vettes with their own engines.
  4. Hi RebekahsZ, I'd like to know where you get your use Hoosier racing tires.
  5. Looks like you got your mustang II setup going. Good for you. I really considered almost exactly what you are doing except for the four link. I'm looking at a little different approach right now to keep from cutting the floor out and I'm also looking at using the YZ body kit so I'll be going wide. I'm pretty handicapped right now so it will be a while. I've subscribed to your thread and will be following your progress, enjoying your updates and offering moral support. I'm anxious to see how your project turns out.
  6. I've enjoyed this forum for some time and would like to contribute to it's exsistance. I have a rpoblem with Pay Pal and just can't make myself use it. Is there another way to get money in the kitty? Thanks, Waddie
  7. I guess I'm a little loco too. I have an S-10 frame and a Toyota PU frame that I was thinking of using on one o the S-30 cars in my yard.
  8. Thanks to all who replied. I was hoping for factory molded hose, but I'm not going to be that picky and will follow suggestions presented. Waddie
  9. I'd like to replace a couple of the 17mm vent hoses that run from the filler neck to the top of the fuel tank. They don't seem to be available.does anyone have a source?
  10. I had a similar problem with a 260 that had been sitting for several years when I bought it. I filled up the tank and drove it but it would sort of "run out of gas". I kept tools in the car and would stop and clean debris out of the carbs then it would run good for a while. I did this several times then it cleared all the junk out of the fuel tank. The rev counyer jumping around will happen when the point gap it too narrow. Ymay have more than one problem.
  11. I once found a wire bundle connector that was running through the firewall was corroded enough to cause that same problem. Just unplugging it and plugging it back in fixed. Waddie
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