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  1. I’m local and would like to get some feedback on 280z mods. Let me know if you would like to connect. Tom from Bentonville.

  2. I found out the Z diffs are not the same as the S14 diff. Thanks everyone.
  3. Hello all. Due to an unfortunate installation error, this happened: I am on the lookout for a spare R200 rear cover, I was wondering if anyone had one laying around they'd let go for cheap. Thanks. - Mat
  4. I have to come to HBZ to see what you've been up to Bring the Honda. DO IT. Or bring the Datsun and I'll drive the Honda up.
  5. My "Gen 2" RBRyant stack ended up looking like this: ()()()() With a stack height of 0.7240" The bolts had about 0.75-1.0 turns to full tight. My threads were SUPER buggered on the lower case - I had to go buy some 50mm bolts after spending ~2 hours yesterday tapping out the holes. Stock are 45mm M8x1.25, the RBryant bolts are 60mm M8x1.25. I ended up with 50mm bolts, which added 5 threads into the case. I'm using blue locktite as well.
  6. I took pictures of all the measurements I took, I'll try to get them up today, but all the info you need is in that spreadsheet: I measured the height of the stacks: Full Rbryant Stack )()()()()( 0.8875 Full OBX Stack )()()()( 0.8840 Largest Diameter: ID Washer Retainer O 1.2620 Smallest Diameter: ID Retainer "Lip" o 1.1390 **edit for pictures:** RBryant stack: OBX Stack: Greater ID of washer retainer [or star piece as you call it] Notice the variation from my measurement yesterday - I'd try
  7. Measured the washers and washer stacks with some Mitutoyo calipers this morning. Let me know if you need any other dimensions, I'm going to measure the casing, planetaries, and sun gears later this morning. **All sizes are "flat height" unless called out as 'ID' [inside Diameter] or 'OD' [Outside Diameter]** Rbryant Washers: | Orientation | Size Small ) 0.0865 Large ) 0.1125 Small/Small () 0.1720 Large/Large )( 0.2240 Small/Large () 0.1935 Full Rbryant Stack )()()()()( 0.8
  8. Mine is apart, I'll try to get some measurements when the new washers come in. I'm assuming you want the length of the retainer set with the washer stack installed?
  9. 240SX CVs [this is in my S14] Go here: http://rbryant.freeshell.org/obx_washers.htm And scroll down to the "R200 Differential Only" section. It's a good write-up.
  10. Where did the watermark come from? lol I'll be up at the shop today if you need me to grab anything, but I don't have tools with me.
  11. At it again... Took it apart today, and flipped the gears. Just waiting on the RBryant kit to get here, then I can ditch the stupid welded R200. Oh, and one of the bolt came pre-stripped :unamused:
  12. Med School happened. He's running MS3 on a M104 sans CIS in his 190 IIRC.
  13. Can't wait to see this come back to Fayetteville with an LS1!
  14. Currently working on the 240SX, and I'm needing to lower the CLT filter value, but my current version does not allow me to use the Advanced settings. I flashed my laptop's OS, so I lost the older version that had an open VE Analyzer. Hoping someone here could help me out and send me their MLV program that has this feature. My address is flatblack280 at gmail Thanks.
  15. I've had no issues with my flipped gear/upgraded washers/bolts OBX unit, and I'm running 275s on it [if that makes a difference] My diff has Rbryant's new washer stack with the larger washers.
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