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  1. monguuz1

    What kind of air dam is this if you don't mind me asking, looks great. Mark Lamb Abilene, Texas 325-518-0007
  2. 1978 280Z Parting Out & Rear Window Louvers

    Long shot, still have louvers??? Text or call me at 325-518-0007. Thanks.
  3. Various 280z Interior Parts - CO

    Looking for 78 280z control panel that has the a/c option, and possibly a front drivers window. Text me at 325-518-0007. Thanks.
  4. Clean up sale - 240z through 280z parts

    Heater a/c control panel and guts, do you still have and/or access to another? Also a front drivers window possibly. For a 78 280z. Thanks. Text me at 325-518-0007.
  5. Got a 78 280z, the air conditioner parts are there, not hooked up together, but all there, however the interior dash control panel does not have an area on the panel to slide to the a/c. I need a different panel for my dash and the guts that go behind it so I can get some a/c in my car, I live in Texas, it's hot. Anybody have one for sale or know where I can purchase? Text me at 325-518-0007. Thanks.