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  1. I need an AFM for a 1983 280ZX Turbo.
  2. I was having a problem similar to madkaws. My 81 280ZXT lost power badly and stumbled upon acceleration especially above 3K RPM with the AC on. After hours of searching on this site and others I found threads that pointed to the AAC. I've replaced the AAC and I finally had a nice day to get her out of the garage and test my repair. I was pleased to find that in my case the AAC seems to have been the culprit. The loss of power and stumbling are no longer present with the AC engaged.
  3. I'm still the president of the club. Meetings are the second Thursday of the month with the next one being on February 10th. Here's a link to a thread on the club site that has details on the meetings.


    You can also call me at 812-361-5022 if you have any questions. Always glad to have another Z with us.

  4. Still involved with the indiana z club? I'm interested in joining.

  5. They look like the same set that I have on a 83 280ZXT that I picked up a few months ago. I can snap a few pics of it if it will help you out.
  6. I am looking for a complete distributor for a 83 280ZX Turbo.
  7. I need a pair of center caps for a 83 280ZX Turbo with the stock "Swastika" turbo wheels.
  8. I had my bodyshop install a MSA Type 1 airdam on my 81 280ZXT and the owner said that it installed easily and had good fitment.
  9. My first Datsun was a black and tan 79 2+2 five speed that I bought over twenty years ago. That one was sold off years ago and has long since went the way of the scrapyard but I have always had a soft spot for second gens with that color combo. I recently found a 83 280ZXT in the same color combo. Has a few issues but overall its in good shape. Good body, solid frame rails and floorpan and an uncracked dash. Not bad for $1500.
  10. Unless the seller can provide proof of a recent and complete rebuild I would have to pass. And even with a complete rebuild at that price there had better be a few performance mods or a freshly rebuilt turbo. L28et's are not that hard to find if you search diligently. I just bought a complete but rusty 83 280ZXT with a manual trans for $300 so there are deals to be had.
  11. My daughter speaks Japanese if you ever need a translation. (And she loves Z's)
  12. One of the guys in my car club built this custom lip. He also fabricated the hood vents, custom rear bumper and did the paint work in his garage.
  13. You can have a set made from your existing locks. Cheaper and easier. Pull the door lock on the passenger side. There should be a number stamped into the lock cylinder. You may have to clean it off first to see it. Also some of the cars still have a sticker on the glove box door that has the key code. Take the numbers from the lock or glove box door to any decent locksmith and they can cut you a key for around twenty bucks.
  14. Crossmember sold. Still plenty of interior parts, setbelts, seats, L28 engine and 4spd tranny and lots more available.
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