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  1. ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

    Nope. Ran into a money-shortage for toys. My SE-R is still sitting in my shed. I drive the living piss out of it at least once a week. Got a load of parts to bolt-onto it this fall/winter on rainy days. My next toy will, without question, be an S30. I look at them a few times a week on-line. There have been a few Texas cars for sale recently on Ebay that all looked like good starting points. My last few purchases have been an ATV/small trailer, Kubota commercial zero-turn mower, farm truck, and...drumroll...a freakin' tractor. I do believe I recognize your signature as well sir. Kind of funny, but not too surprising. Same manufacturer. Two (2) of their four (4) best vehicles ever. 510 and Roadster in the mix.
  2. ~73 Turbo L28 to N/A RB25 240z Project~

    Both you guys suck. Now I'm gonna track down Serban. Knuckles you always do things so thoroughly.