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  1. My experiences with any transmission Ford has touched in the past 8 years has been negative. Not to say they broke, but just really wonky shifting behavior and poor feel. Have you driven anything with this transmission before?
  2. You would be better off going for the 8l90e if that is your goal, they are similar size. I wouldn't waste money hopping up the l28, it will net you far less $/hp than an ls.
  3. I had seen those, but that is not an option. Firstly 1.5" is too much, secondly that kit is a huge job and removes the use of a rear bumper.
  4. I am running 275s in the rear, and the tires just barely scuff the inner quarter. I could get away with flaring the fenders, but they are all full of bondo and thus any attempt to flare results in cracking bondo. That said, its the perfect opportunity to hide them with some flares or replace them. So question is, is there any quarters that come with small flares built in? Otherwise I need to find some small flares (like 1cm-1inch), but all I see are bigger 2"+ flares. Anybody have recommendations on what I can run.
  5. A 4l60e barely fits, mostly due to the pan width at the bottom. Any reason that you want those extra two gears and extra weight?
  6. Where: Cary NC Price: $250 I have an aluminum rear hatch louver assembly taken off my 280z.
  7. Tire to fender lip was getting contact, as was strut body to rim. The wheels are rota rkr 5 x 114.3, max I could get them in was -20 offset. I got one side pretty well fitted now. Have a cm of clearance between the tire and inner tub, and maybe 4mm between strut and rim. Tire tucks for the most part.
  8. Car is street and track days use. I'm running 17x9.5 -20mm offset rear wheels, 275/40 tire. I was getting contact on the wheel lip at about an inch of before hitting the inner wheel tub. I don't want fender flares, and to get them to tuck with this size I need to get them right next to the inner wheel tub. I have stock rear struts with coil over sleeves on them, so 3" diameter springs and 10" long. Right now the springs end right at the bottom of that pocket the strut goes in, which is also right where the wheel lip is about. Maybe a shorter spring would also help. What length coilover sp
  9. I'm running a knuckle off a different vehicle so get to attach the strut to the top of it any way I want. I also plan on using a camber plate to slide the strut further inboard towards the diff, I have coilovers on the car so the diameter of the strut assembly is smaller. My main concern is the force being applied to the strut tower. It will place more force in the vertical plane, not sure if that matters though.
  10. Side to side when looking at the car from the back.
  11. Is there any negative effects of changing the angle on the mcpherson strut? I want to make my rear ones near vertical to make clearance for a wider wheel.
  12. Anyone know why they would put a heim joint in the circled location? It allows the hub to pivot up and down without the control arm moving.
  13. I brought up these issues when I received my cradle. The response I got was: "I'll ask the engineering team to revisit the cradle design, but as far as costumers are concerned, we have sold close to 50 kits of the standard (32 shipped), and 28 of the double wishbone (14 shipped) with 0 complaints besides powder-coating getting damaged, and/or hardware missing. Plus we are the only company that designed a rear differential subframe, and only company that designed a double wishbone set up in a car that never came with it. You could go with Z car depot that the front mounting tabs will bend and
  14. I suggest you take the time to read what I wrote @tim.d
  15. There is no bushing where the front of the cradle attaches. There is only bushing on the mustache bar. Thus the cradle is half solid mounted half soft mounted. There is the stock bushing on the front of the diff to the cradle, but then there is just a rubber bushing shoved in as a washer between the diff cover bolts to the mounting tab, which will not provide any dampening in the direction of torque. They oddly kept the clamshell mounts on the front to bolt the cradle to the car, but without a bushing what is the point? A bushing will not fit in there as they made the cradle tubing so large. T
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