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  1. WTB: Type 1 Air Dam

    Sorry, I am on my phone and just realized you are in Canada.
  2. WTB: Type 1 Air Dam

    I do, where are you located?
  3. I am looking for the cover (and switch if possible) for a 280z. This is the rubber that is attached to the door seal, that covers the dome light switch.
  4. I updated the listing above.
  5. I responded. I also have a set of SU carbs for a L28 conversion from Z Therapy if anyone is interested.
  6. The video works for me and the car sounds great. I got my JDM muffler in the mail today and it is beautiful! Highly recommended.
  7. I am in the process of doing a full restoration with my 280Z, and need help deciding on fasteners. I bought the stainless steel bolt kit from Zcardepot, but I am not sure this is the route to go. Anyone used the stainless bolts? Any issues with the kit? I am on the fence with just going with zinc hardware due to the added strength. Any thoughts?
  8. 1977 280z w/rb25det s2 swap

    It's for sale on CL: https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5665418225.html The price went up a good bit.
  9. Dapper Lighting July 4th Sale

    The V1 lights look good. In for one.
  10. 1976 280z Restomod

    Just received the "new" SU carbs from zTherapy, and they are very impressive. I have attached some photos of the car pre-sandblast and post. I should get the body work done in the next 60 days or so, and then it will be time to paint. Some new parts I just received: T3 coilovers Nissan OEM fender mirrors Toyota 4x4 calipers Rear disc brake conversion 15/16 master cylinder 3.9 R200 The engine has been rebuilt with flat-top pistons and an Isky cam. I am hoping to be able to show some significant progress in the next couple of months.
  11. I am doing a full restoration of the interior and the old vinyl ripped. Has anyone used the kits from MSA or Zcarsource? If so, how was the fit and quality?
  12. 1976 280z Restomod

    I will try to post more frequently, but here are some new things I bought for the money pit: Replica Competition Steering Wheel Group Harrington Steel Bumpers Both exceeded my expectations. The red car below is what I striving towards (less flares).