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  1. When you post a parts-wanted ad OR reply to and ad/thread requesting a part, beware of the responses : can be a simple reply, usually a private/direct message. The guy might even refer you to another saying ''I've seen this guy advertsing a few'' with an email address to contact. It'll all sound totally convincing and along with the request for paypal via 'friends/family', which, to a member on this forum seems reasonable too. Check out their member status : for how long they've been a member here and have they posted anywhere else and what was it - in most cases only a VERY brief time, sometimes the same day and with no other public activity (hence the PMs). Admin/moderators - impossible to screen every request for membership however may it be possible that every new member must post a message in the presentation section to unblock their activity elsewhere ? I got burned (stupidly) following my wanted add for new pistons.
  2. Hi - as the title says, 6x please.
  3. Hello Dominic. I'm here and still operating - expected to do so for many, many years yet. Production has been disrupted by Covid-19 and Brexit but I'm getting back on track via another company. Mufflers and lines will be available at end of April, headers in June. Please PM me you engine spec and car use and we'll discuss together your preferences and optimum package. Kind regards - stay safe. Sean
  4. Hi, I'm very shortly commercialising 15x7 +0. For 15x8s, you'll need to contact Gavin Doolan in Australia, he should be on here or contact via AusZcar and/or Facebook.
  5. I heard that they will come out in 7x15 (and maybe in 8x15 but not sure if same supplier and price) !
  6. New, wonderful, period-looking, dished and wide competition S30 wheels NEW ! 14x7J ET-16 PCD 4x114.3 CB 73.1 Weight 6.82kgs Color – bronze/anthracite Interior diametre (to pass over brakes and calipers) 345mm. Also fits Nissan PS30-B Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z 280ZX and other Datsuns. Supplied with centre-hub stickers of either a Z design or REAL WHEELS (specify when ordering please) and an exclusive white, REAL leather key ring. Uses standard, tapered wheel-nuts : tyres (tires) fitted were 195/70x14R Prices (shipping included) : Europe : €920 UK :£936 North America : usd$1390 Australia, NZ, Middle East : usd$1440 /aus$1978 Any questions, measurements required, please don’t hesitate to ask.
  7. Hi Dan.


    I'm looking to paot a parts for sale ad after having dontated. How much time is needed please to validate said donation and allow me to post for sale ?


    Kind regards,



    1. SuperDan


      You be able to post now. It shows you as a donating member.




  8. No, I didn't take it like that, no probs - just keen to show how well it fits with plenty of clearance. The reason being that competition rules here state that the lowest part of the body (including parts fitted to the body ie exhausts) must be a minimum of 100mm from the ground. THAT usually means the floor rails and no racer wants to higher off the ground than possible, certainly not because of an ill-fitting exhaust ! So, you want a quote for the 2-1 pipe and exhaust line ? Which muffler please ? Sorry, I forgot - is it a two seater ? By conincidence, I've just bought a '78 2x seater into which I'll be fitting a complete header to muffler line. Rgds.
  9. Hi. No, it is a pure Zstory gasket. Strange - I've never had a problem with my header, secondary pipe of line being too low - mine should never drop below the bottom of the floor rails ! Regards.
  10. Hi. I scanned the gasket in 1:1 scale so you can clearly see its' dimensions and even print and cut it out to place as a template on your flange. Anymore info / photos needed, please come back to me. Kind regards, Sean
  11. Taking orders now for my S30 super-lite strut-bars, available in August. Lightest on the market not forgetting that 'light is right' ! 5% off the parts' price for the first 50x orders*. *8x firm orders already placed as at Independance Day. US$260 £212 CAN$358 AUS$381 Kits so far are : front and rear bars front bar only New nuts and washers for the strut tops front and/or rear Price list in multiple currencies attached. Later, new front and rear caps will be available for S30s and S130s along with a bar kit for the S130s.
  12. Attention - Le Mans Classic. Because of the cotinued propagation of the coronavirus, the (correct in my view) decision has been made to put back this event to 2021, July 1, 2, 3 + 4 ! This gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and join us is wished to this most awesome event in the Classic car calender. An incredible blend of static displays, club stands and full-time classic car track action throughout the night. Racing is but 24hrs from Saturday afternoon, just like the real thing but the event is open from Thursday morning ‘til Sunday evening. Looking positively, this now gives everyone a chance to book local accomodation, finish their cars and…I’m pushing for more Club Datsun track-sessions for the Friday morning (fingers crossed). If already booked for this year, please confirm asap that you intend to keep your booking for 2021 OR wish a reimbursement of 85% (we need 5% over and above Peter Autos’ 10%) to cover our club fees and administration). Those wishing for a reimbursement and wanting to join us in 2021 will need to re-book through me and although I can confirm space on the stand, camping spaces and track sessions might be at risk. I am at your disposition for further information (if I have it) and any questions. Best regards and good health to you and for your families. Sean https://peterauto.peter.fr/wp-content/uploads/lmc-concurrents-competitors.pdf https://peterauto.peter.fr/wp-content/uploads/lmc-spa-gpao-clubs.pdf
  13. Latest exhaust batch - Spring 2020 My latest batch has arrived and shipping has begun for paid-up orders. If you have reserved parts with a deposit, I invite you to complete your payment so I may also ship yours. I'm very satisfied with my new header flange allowing easier fitting and tightening against the engine head plus larger porting for better performance. Lastly, it's lighter - saving nearly 1/2 kilo (1.1lbs) ! Don't forget when ordering that now I stock new valve-cover bolts and inlet/outlet stud kits - both in stainless steel, reasonably priced. I also offer a choice between two gasket versions : Stock ‘A’ for carbs and Efi ‘B’ with injection cut-outs – please specify which when ordering
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