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  1. Zstory wishes all its past, current and future customers, families and friends a Happy and, above all, healthy 2019 ! I have some disappointing news to annonce – my next batch won’t be available until end-February and I’ve had to postpone production of my new L28ETurbo manifold for flange compatability issues which cost me some delays, not helped by the Christmas and New Year holiday shutdown. I sincerely apologise for this delay of a month and invite anyone, for whom this presents a problem to contact me via PM. Please rest assured that once they arrive, I will do my very best to expediate tham asap. Best regards and once again, my apologies. Sean
  2. SeanD

    2019 Datsun calender

    'Probably' the best Datsun calender in the world ! $23 posted to your door. Can be paid for via Paypal. Will be posted early December to arrive well in time for Christmas ! Free 50years sticker now arrived to be included with each calender.
  3. Gosh - I haven't seen this year go by - so busy. Next batch available in January and a lot pre-sold with the current -15% discount. I've done some tweaks here and there for better fitting, finished the Fast-Road header and produced a limited run of stainless-tubular L28ET headers. I still haven't got around to finishing the S30 downpipes between the stock manifold and my exhaust line - that's next ! I did finally sit down and produce a map of clients - not too much detail as I don't want anyones' car stolen but a fun way to see how well you know your neighbours 😄 , here it is up to date* : https://www.mapcustomizer.com/map/Zstory exhaust customers *however, I might I have some of you - if so, please contact me via an PM.
  4. A long time has passed but yes, you'll need some form of resonator to get the most from your header.
  5. SeanD

    BMW swap rocker cover

    Takes all sorts - neat conversion !
  6. SeanD

    BMW swap rocker cover

    Hi. I spent a LOT of time to get this just right....and then my S50B32 swap dropped out ! I didn't want to open my hood and see 'BMW' staring at me....my car is a Datsun, a Nissan so I looked, thought and figured I'd copy the LY head-look despite the induction and exhaust being reversed, it seemed kinda....right, a modern-day evocation. I'm pretty sure I got the typeface and size correct. US$400 which includes shipping.
  7. Be one of the first to celebrate fifty years of the Datsun Z with one of these limited edition, top-quality enamel grille badges. With a diameter of 80mm (3.15‘’), thickness of 3mm (0.118") and weighing in at 100g (3.53oz), it can’t fail to be noticed and will last for years ! Raised letters, fantastic detailing and strong colours. Securely fixed to your grille via a long, threaded bolt, two locking nuts and a vertical bar to fit behind the grills’ horizontal bars at whichever height suits best. Limited edition, top-quality leather - hide laser-etched keyrings. With a diameter of 44mm (1.73‘’) and a thickness of 3mm (0.118") it is hardwearing, durable and will gradually become softer with use ! Fantastic, intricate detailing and made to securely last for many years. Free sticker included with both the above : inside window sticker of the same design. The diameter of 80mm (3.15‘’) gaurantees a great visibility with fitment inside your window to last and can be removed/replaced whenever you want - yes, reusable ! Prices : US$45 for the badge including postage US$18 for the key ring including postage All posted within a bubble-wrapped envelope for extra protection.I will group ship on multiple orders.
  8. http://www.datsun-zstory.com/ I've got some great info coming....just a bit of polising and then online !
  9. Just the basics for now but more content to follow soon.
  10. Some images of it. Eventually made 350bhp.
  11. You can, there is already one fitted to a +300brake version in Poland. Mine fits onto a 2.5'' exhaust pipe. What counts really with a turbo is what happends in the line before the rear muffler.
  12. Hi and which do you mean ? The first two are round at 150mm and 380mm long. The Street is oval : Dimensions : Entry pipe = 63mm / 2.5’’ diameter (with 67mm sleeve) 110mm long Box = 350mm long and 240mm wide x 110mm Exit pipe = 1x63mm / 2.5’’ diameter (200mm long) Total length = 660mm (front of entry pipe to upper end of exit pipe)
  13. Hi guys. Been a while and I'm sure that you've been as busy as I have elsewhere. The last batch in August sold out within 2x months and the latest has just arrived meaning that my garage once again becomes a rich 'dump' of cardboard and stainless-steel ! If anyone is interested, not all was pre-paid and reserved - prices remain the same. Kind regards.
  14. Hi...or theirs looks very close to mine, Fujitsubo also......or we've all gone donc the same path....! Without knowing the bore sizes and the placing of the three bolt-holes, I can't confirm. However, I can share with you what my Street-sport header flange is like for you to compare if you have the Trust header already.