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  1. 1975 260z (1974.5)????

    Lol yea it's the right vin. Listed under 1975 This I copied from Black Dragon Auto: 260Z: Front and rear bumpers were enlarged to meet Federal 5 mph regulations, adding about 130 pounds. Turn signals mounted above front bumper. By midyear, the 260 was replaced by 280Z. 280Z: To meet tougher emissions standards, a 3 mm bore increase raised engine displacement to 2,753 cc, 2.8 liters, producing 149 horsepower. BOSCH's L-Jetronic fuel injection replaced SU carburetors on all models. Transmission and differential gear ratios were changed. California models required a catalytic converter exhaust system. 280Z model was only sold in the US. http://www.blackdragonauto.com/zZxCatalog.htm
  2. 1975 260z (1974.5)????

    Cool thanks, I will check them out. The reason I decided to save this car from being junked was 1. Car was original Ca one owner car and in my opinion the rare factor to it. This car was so close to being a 280z came with the R200, big bumbers, and gastank. Made the L28 swap twice as easy and I don't have sloshing gas issues.
  3. So there is this ball buster on craigslist correcting my post. In my post i have my car listed as a 1975 260 Z built 12/74. My car is a 260 it came with the L-26 came with 260 badges and it had the big bumpers. When I began to register it in the car came out as a 1975 Datsun 260. I was confused at the moment and ask them why if it's a 1974, dMV's response was that that late 260s were registered as early 1975 cars. Took it and was researched it and was done with it until this guy Mr. Datsun engineer. He kept in insisting on that there is no such thing as a 1975 260z. But I have a 260z 1974.5 registered as 75', technicly its 1975 z260.
  4. Newbie from Silicone Valley

    First time Z car owner from San Jose Ca, Rescued my 1974 260z from extinction with the help from this site. I wana say Thanks for all the useful information posted on this site you guys rock!!