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  1. I feel like this thread needs to be updated. I know there are more aftermarket options out there and that people have tried things not on this list. Case win point: http://www.silverminemotors.com/datsun/datsun-240z/brake-upgrades/240z-260z-280z-rear-brake-upgrade-disk-conversion-kit
  2. Hey guys, You may know that I am building a ZX motor for my 240z with a euro SU carburetor configuration, but I am stumbling over the harmonic balancer I should use here. I've read about thirty threads on this topic, from the 5 or 6 forums that I follow, and none of them is actually comparing the options against each other. I only need one pulley, so I had initially intended to go with a standard 240z balancer, and if I could find one from Europe with just one pulley, even better. However, I've read in a lot of places that the factory balancers are prone to failure. I don't plan to hang out in the high revs all day long, but I'll definitely be getting into them periodically and I don't want my balancer flying apart. I also read somewhere that the timing marks from my '83 ZXT engine aren't in the same location as 240z timing marks, so I have to use something meant to go on a ZX. So now to my actual question: has anyone done a comparison of the various option for balancers? Snooping around the internet yields three basic options: a factory balancer, the Powerforce balancer on MSA, or the $350-$500 options like ATI, BHJ, and Kameari. I can't imagine that a street car should be running a $500 balancer, so I guess what I want to know first is are the two Powerforce balancers high quality (like Motorsport claims they are) or do they fly apart all the time like I've seen people on some forums claim? Right now I'm leaning toward one of these, but if they are crap, or if there's a brand out there with something sub-$150, I'd love to know before I buy something. To add some clarity to the discussion and perhaps help some other people with this, here are the options for a street application I have identified so far: OEM by price '82-83 280ZX Turbo Factory Crankshaft Pulley ($259.87 @ Motorsport!) '75-83 280Z/ZX Factory Crankshaft Pulley (Double Pulley, $219.00 @ Z Car Depot) '73-74 240Z Factory Harmonic Balancer, US-Spec ($274.95 @ Motorsport!) 240Z Factory Harmonic Balancer, Rest-of-World (NLA) Nismo L-Series Harmonic Damper (NLA) Street Aftermarket by price Professional Products PowerForce Harmonic Dampers, 70-83 Z/ZX (Single Pulley, $105.95 @ Motorsport!) PowerBond Premium OEM Replacement Harmonic Balancers (Double Pulley, $183.97 @ Summit Racing) Powerforce SFI-Spec Racing Damper, 70-83 Z/ZX (Single Pulley, $199.95 @ Motorsport!) - Note that I have read threads about these being too small and not fitting, but this is 10-12 year old information and may have been rectified by now. Pioneer Balancers DA-41(Double Pulley, $249.97 @ Summit Racing) ATI Super Damper Sport Compact Harmonic Balancers ($359.97 @ Summit Racing) BHJ Dynamics Street Performance Special L-Series Datsun Harmonic Damper ($497.00 @ BHJ) Racing Aftermarket by price (for posterity) Kameari L-Type Super Racing Damper Pulley ($382.40 @ RHD) BHJ Dynamics Race Special L-Series Datsun Harmonic Damper ($497.00 @ BHJ) Kameari L-Type Super Racing Damper Pulley Full Kit ($637... @ RHD) I have also read that the Nissan Quest, Maxima, Laurel, and Cendric pulleys/ballancers will work, but I don't know if they require modification, nor if the timing marks are the same. Another wrinkle is the 280ZXs that came with factory installed AC had the timing indicator on the passenger side (light) rather than the driver side (left). I'm not sure if that means the balancer is different, or if it means timing was maintained by aligning gear teeth differently.
  3. Wanted: Used Rotisserie

    I'm looking for a complete variable height rotisserie with jacks to get my car ready for paint and am trying to save money by not buying a brand new one. Please PM me with the make, model, and your shipped price to 07040.
  4. Wanted: P90A Hydraulic Lifters

    I have a set in my head but want at least one good set of spares. PM me if you have a good set for sale.
  5. 200SX / S12 FS5w71b

    Thanks for that link. I'm not certain all that info is correct, though. The B transmission stopped coming in the 200x in 84/85, right? And they had different ratios pre '83. I'm pretty sure I could find a bell housing from a Z to bolt on, and the jackshaft bearing from a ZX is straight forward. The thing giving me pause3 is modifying the bell housing to accommodate the CA20 shifter rods. Would it not be better to use shifter rods off a Z/ZX? Is that even possible? This is foreign territory for me. Another open question is whether or not this transmission is strong enough to work with a ZX engine. The ratios might be right for me, but is this as good as or better than a ZX transmission as far as reliability goes? I mean, the T5 sounds like an even better option, because the ratios aren't that far off and parts availability is better, but getting that into the car sounds like way more work than getting the 200sx B transmission in.
  6. 200SX / S12 FS5w71b

    I've found tons of info about adapting a FS5w71c into a 240z, but I can't find anything about using the 200SX / S12 version of the FS5w71b 5-speed in an S30 other than a little comment on this page: I'm interested in this transmission because of the ratios (3.592, 2.057, 1.361, 1.000, and 0.813) being so similar to the FS4w71b ratios that came with the car, and that 5th gear having longer legs for highway driving. It really seems like the optimal ratio spread. My question really is, presuming I were able to get my hands on one, how hard is it to do the work described above. I can't seem to find an example of anyone having done it.