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  1. Thanks NewZed, perfect. Yes the oil pressure relief valve in the block has been plugged.
  2. I restored a 280zx oil filter adapter and realize it can mount on the block in 4x orientations. Does anyone know how these were mounted from the factory or the best orientation in the s30 chassis? Here's how I currently have it positioned. Thank you.
  3. Thanks Tony and good to see you're still around. I've been putting this off but need to get it done to prep for some welding. Haven't seen any MEK products at all this last few weeks, might still be out there somewhere.
  4. No experience with the ZCG CVs but just out of curiosity are you still running the OE stub axles? I'm sure others will chime in just curious on how you're shock loading the rear end in your app as that can be another major failure point. Some people go with axles that eliminate the OE stubs entitely to circumvent this which the ZCG doesn't look to do.
  5. Even some 15s will fit with the t3 BBK. I know because I run it. T3 will give you a template to measure the barrel of the wheel to ensure it will clear. Sidewall can also matter if you're running it close as I've found some some brands have beefier sidewalls for the same profile tire than others.
  6. Blending the sections may be tough especially if you're going to keep areas single stage and others clear. It sounds like you already invested the $ in some materials though and are willing to put in the time so I'd call whoever mixed the paint for you and ask if what you have specifically will work, what prep to do or if there will be reactions or failures. For trash in the paint try building your own paint booth. Clean and wet the floors, put up plastic sheet and install a fan + filter to pull pressure. I've found this helps but it takes time and $. You'll still get some trash b
  7. Great thanks Miles. I really appreciate the details and your experiences. It's really invaluable to have someone such as yourself with info spanning 2 decades back. Hope others can weigh in too.
  8. Thanks Miles. I take it you got the precision seals 12 years ago? Or when/what was the date of manufacture?
  9. So I managed to get a OE windshield in good condition for a good deal. I know that you can still get good windshield weatherstrip OE Nissan. Does anyone have any recent insight on more cost effective options? Lots of complaints in the archives on the precision seals with gaps along the edges. I saw vintage rubber sells some windshield seals but I wasn't sure if they're just rebranded precision. Sent them an email weeks ago but they never got back so I'll try calling them sometime next week. Any thoughts on what the best option(s) is/are in 2021? Also, not
  10. Great build thread. Has your car ever been resprayed? If you have the original single stage enamel maybe try buffing a test section first and see how that turns out. It will never be perfect but if the car is straight it'll have some nice survivor patina. Fwiw I was thinking of doing the same or a full respray years ago and realized I had a single stage enamel on the car which went from chalkboard barnfind to glossy barnfind. If I can find some pics I'll PM them to you. Edit: When I got my current Z it looked like a cream orange chalkboard car from neglect for decades.
  11. Thanks DuffyMahoney 👍. It's been a long but rewarding project. I took a look at your itb build and it's given me a lot of inspiration. Lots of great attention to detail.
  12. Yup. Man I wish we still had those crazy chemicals from back in the day. When I worked at a shop more than a decade ago I remember we had some insane gasket remover we got from a truck/parts guy that literally dissolved everything. Awesome for headgasket prep and removing rtv. It's long gone though. Oh well, probaby better for the future.
  13. Got some parts back from powdercoat including some engine parts so started mocking things back up. For the vacuum log I'm going to try welding on a flat piece of AL on the bottom and slot some holes to bolt into the intake manifold. Maybe reserve the valve cover holes for a fuel rail. Still not 100% sure but got word on more parts delays this week so I've got some time to think about it.
  14. Thanks grannyknot good direction. I visited 5 parts stores in my neighborhood and none of them had that or even carried it. I was honestly surprised and fortunate I have so many suppliers within a couple mi radius but have no idea why nobody carries this, maybe it's a CA thing. I'll try to order online but otherwise I'll try ball jars of gasoline or maybe the new reformulated aircraft stripper since I have a lot of odds and ends to prep.
  15. For those that are looking in 2021 Brute Fabrication produces a stainless option. I believe they are distributed by Godzilla Raceworks. They have some options but I was able to order a 3" inlet version. It has 2.5" tips.
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