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  1. maximus35

    Tons of body kits for sale!!

    Body kits:Jim Cook Racing CAL-Z Wide Body Kit x2: $600 each, some cracks but in good usable shapecomplete 940Z kit: $800 nice kit in good shapekaminari kit: $800 new, never mountedIMSA kit with G-Nose: $1000 good usable shapeIMSA front and rear fenders: $700Whale tails x3: $200 eachWhale tail and hatch x2: $500 eachComplete GTO Velo Rossa kit: $4000 never mounted on a car with no cracks at allMisc mold-on fender flares set of four x3: $75 each, various condition some have minor cracksrear 3 piece spoilers x3: $75 each, various condition some have minor cracksFiberglass Hoods x10: most of these hoods are unique, but i have cowl induction hoods, stock style hoods, and one-of-a kind hoods. Each are $300 and are in good shape and mountable with no major damageMSA Type 1 like style Air dams (Ducted) x8: $100 each, these are also slightly different but the same style, although a few are the flexible urethane typeThere's probably some kits im forgetting but this is the bulk of them, i will be uploading pictures soon but if youre interested in any of the kits or are looking for a specific kit please dont hesitate to call me at 770-361-8955 or if i dont answer call my friend at 770-722-7250 and i can tell you what we have and send you pictures. Parts are located in Auburn, GA at my shop
  2. maximus35

    Solid 260z rolling shell, perfect v8 car

    2000, sandblasted shell for a good price
  3. maximus35

    Solid 260z rolling shell, perfect v8 car

    Reduced to 2500
  4. A nice 260z shell,*It has been sandblasted and stripped down but the suspension was placed back on it and the steering column. *The engine is also in the car bolted down, but can be removed if someone wants a clean slate for an engine swap and I can reduce the price. I do have all the pieces for the car, including the dash and wiring, glass and other pieces. Car is overall*solid with minor spots on the outside, but it will need floor pans and the spare tire well was cut for a fuel cell. Battery tray is solid and so are the rockers and sill plate areas, frame rails are also perfect. Overall this would be a perfect start for someone wanting to build a clean Datsun or do a cool engine swap. Asking 3500$ Located in auburn ga.
  5. maximus35

    1971 Datsun 240z Supercharged V8

    Reduced to 8500
  6. maximus35

    1971 Datsun 240z Supercharged V8

    No I have not so I really can't say I would guess around 400-500
  7. For sale is my 1971 Datsun 240z with a supercharged 327 sbc and a stout 2 spd powerglide. This is a very rust free car originally coming from California, the only speck of rust is near the wheel well which I included a picture of. Extensive mods to this car have been made such as: Dunlop direzza tires almost no miles on them Bassett 15x8 rims Vortech v3 supercharger capable of 700hp Fi-tech fuel injection that handles up to 25 pounds of boost and can handle 2 bars of nitrous New Carpet kit Champion radiator with dual electric fans New Fuel sending unit Fuel tank completely cleaned and relined by a professional shop Leather seats and power adjustability from a 350z New Mirror New Scuff plate Overall this is a very cool and wicked fast car with no problems at all, ready to drive anywhere. It has an amazing patina that makes for a perfect classic/rat rod look. It gets tons of attention at car shows and is one of a kind, I've never seen a another car like it. The only reason im selling is because I recently bought a 1970 mustang fastback that needs a lot more work than I anticipated. Note: the shifter bezel seen is to show what is included, it is not mounted yet Asking 10k Car is located in Auburn, Georgia
  8. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    Might catch hate for this but it had to be done lol it just wouldn't all fit under it but I tried my best to keep it concise, I personally think it looks mean this way with the filter facing forward
  9. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    Got my 300zx seats in an powered with some help from a friend, they fit nice and look great in my opinion.
  10. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    It's the Fitech power adder 600hp, the power adder version is built for boost applications it can handle 25 lbs blow through or draw through and nitrous. I'm still running the mechanical pump on the engine and the stock tank with no extra pump, what I used instead was a Fitech fuel command center which boosts the pressure up for fuel injection applications, basically it allows you to keep using your stock pump and everything.
  11. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    Running like a sewing machine finally
  12. maximus35

    FiTech EFI

    Just installed the fi tech power adder (boosted version) and it works great for my build, runs on the first crank. I'm running a vortech v3 supercharger on a 327. It's really crazy how smart the set up is and how easy it is, definitely will use Fitech in the future.
  13. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    Lol thanks man I definitely lucked out
  14. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    Finally success today, fixed a few odds and ends and cranked it I'll add a link to the video but the thumping noise you hear is an exhaust leak (because I forgot to put a sensor back in lol).
  15. maximus35

    My 1971 supercharged v8 240z

    So. Close. Installed and plumbed the entire fuel system, finished the wiring (needs to be neatened a little more) but overall the only things I need to do now is get spark wires and a different pulley for the water pump but I'm sure I'm forgetting something lol. Here's an updated pic with the bov