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  1. got to it alittle bit yesterday. Weather gave me a 2hr window. I got the rear hatch area clean. Front of spare tire is rusted out, didn't look bad to patch. Rear hump behinds seats, drivers pocket/door access looked great almost new. Between the two covers there is alot of surface rust, right (passenger side) hatch around the lip had alot of surface rust. Overall really not bad. I did get a chance to pull up the carpet on both sides around the seat. Lets just say there is no floor left lol. Passenger seat is more or less a steel frame with covers falling off of it. Frame is loose however functional. Drivers side seat is not functional and same scenario otherwise. From what I can see, looks like just the floor pans under the seat. More to come later this week, going to take a power washer to the interior to it after some more vacuuming. Also drivers door wont open, outside handle although in place looks to be broken internally. I can get the window down however interior latch doesn't work either. Its not clean enough inside to crawl into yet lol. After I get the interior cleaned out and inspected, I will pull off the front fenders and see the extent of the unibody damage. If its looks repairable (by me) I will start prepping the garage for winter use (no heat currently). If it doesn't I will probably re-sale the car and move onto another project or get a quote from a buddies bodyshop.
  2. Got it off the trailer today but the rain became to much to do anything more. So far all the drip rails look great, all of the hatch area too. I'm hoping the upper front unibody isn't to bad. But wont know for a few weeks. Need to do a garage rearrangement to get this inside.
  3. Yeah plan is to clean it out and remove front clip/ engine. See where I'm at then. It's hard to tell but once we got it on the trailer the drivers side is pushed up higher and left is mostly straight. If I was to guess someone ran a 3 way stop and went into a ditch hard. I have a tig welder, I'll do what I need to for the front end. Hoping as I did into it more that everything is able to be replaced/repop and not needing made by myself. Engine cradle did look twisted too.
  4. Do they front frame and walls? At the car now although it looks straight the front end has been hopped. Driver's side buckled at the firewall and lower rail by the rear a arm mount. Pass side below the structure tower. Looks like it's been pulled out. Interior has 4" poop. From under it looks like rotted pans and rockets. Rear end looks great. Rear wells look bubbling possible previous bondo.
  5. I've noticed. Although I will see if the stock engine runs for giggles its going straight to a LS engine. When I discussed this with the wife she said she really didn't care as long as I didn't take away from the savings. ❤️ I told her I would get rid of the ranger and 49' 5 window for this. Its literally in the middle of no where, sounded like a old guy. I'm to far to drive for a deposit. Funday Friday, can't wait!
  6. I agree, many things have come and went that were once cheap. I'll get to check it out more this thur or fri, haven't set a date on when to pick it up. I'll post alot more pictures when I get it in my driveway.
  7. Just called the owner, its a 73. He said he has the title to it however someone stole the dash vin tag. I believe it is still tag able in kansas because they'll look for vin's in different locations, he does have the title for it. I offered him 800 over the phone and he took it. Looks like I will be picking it up this week sometime. He stated its been outside for some years now, but he didn't know how long exactly.
  8. Thanks. I checked a few of those areas. Far as I can tell it might of been garage kept. This was in the middle of no where kansas, has to be either a barn or garage or the thing would be rusted away. I checked around the hatch and didn't see any. Both rockers look sketchy, I can weld so not entirely worried about it. My big concern is mud, however with the weird paint scheme i can't tell whats going on. I figured I would 300 grit wet sand the whole care to start with and see what comes up. Do they make replacement rockers for these cars? I can tig weld no problem. Carpet was out of the interior, floor looked great. Still had paint on it. I think its a win win, even if i didn't do anything with it I believe I could recoup my money. I believe most of the work is the front end and drivers fender, then restoration of the interior. From what I can find the entire interior can be easily bought.
  9. Hello everyone, new to the forum. Long time car enthusiast however last 5 years I have focused on my family specifically with my mom being very ill. Time to get back into something. Alittle about me: I love old and new, I have a 2000 zx2 s/r that is build (dry sump, turbo, megasquirt..etc), two 1955 chevy belairs, one restored other needs restored, 1949 chevy 3100 5 window that needs restored is intended for a patina build. For years I've been in love with early 240/260z's. I came acrossed a turbo v8 240z in San Francisco years ago for 15k and almost jumped on it. By the time I did it was long gone. Since I have searched for my own 240z Now to my current situation: Three days ago on the way home from our baby shower in middle of no where we came acrossed a 240z for sale. At first it looked horrible, however apon closer inspection actually looks mostly rust free other than some really common spots.. Some of the interior is missing, engine bay looks mostly intact. I wanted a 2nd opinion on value. He was originally at 2300, then 1500. I was going to offer 800-1k. The passenger side looks much better, drivers side fender looks like someone did something to it. From what I can tell, it had a nice paint job and then someone did something to it or the painted over a good paint job. Hard to tell but in certain areas you can see nice paint underneath. Its very layered. I believe someone was doing the patina look. Front end looks like it hit a stump lower valence is gone, bumper is bent in and hoot has a small dent. No core damage. Thoughts on this? This would a LS2 swap, t56, megasquirt car done up for drag week. Not looking to do a full restoration, although maybe down the line a paint job. project.
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