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  1. The truck runs and shifts like new I guess I could take the car where ever for sale but it's easier if someone gets it I'm not great at driving trailers
  2. I have a 2004 Silverado with a 5.3 for parts and a 83 Datsun 280zx I’m looking to sell them as a set this project was a lot more than I bargained Near Houston
  3. I'll unplug it and clean the contact good it's brand new sensor that hasn't been run on yet but maybe my contacts are just old on this thing there's a lot of things that don't look like they've been changed since it was built. But I'm going to go and check some things with ohm meter and see what I get and write some numbers down I know the important things need 12v so I'm checking that out
  4. Yes even that one the rotor is point straight like it shows it that picture. And while I looked at Haynes and others I used the fsm that came with the car. The red booklet that came from Nissan for the 83 280zx my copy was missing some pages so I used the downloaded version the website who's names leaves my mind for getting any fsm for the Datsun years.
  5. I should have put that in but yeah I did have it tdc by checking the notch that the slit was right on zero as well as cylinder 1 was on the up compression. (You saw those in the pictures I took of the head gasket when I was trying to figure out which one was the right gasket)of course that's the only way to make sure it's tdc as stated by the fsm. I followed the fsm for the disassembly procedure but that doesn't account for a part failing not just if it was taken apart right and put back together correct because I did follow the fsm for putting it back together in the right sequence. That's h
  6. So I have an 83 280zx na and i had to replace the head gasket on it because it was blown, after putting everything together which I marked injectors in Order and spark plugs and I replaced all the vacuum hoses and caped off the egr because I am using straight headers. And the car won't start 1. It has fully charged battery when trying to start or jumped when I kept trying 2. It indeed got flooded with gas trying to crank it over 3. I cleared or at least I think I did, the gas out of the Intake by disconnecting the efi relay in the kick side cover 4. Fuel pump is runnin
  7. man I'm sorry man that sucks about hp limitations in Switzerland I thought that was very relaxed compared to other country's. ? I'm thankful I live in Texas and a great out by the country county where anything over 25 is exempt they just make sure I have seat belts and running lights. Don't even pop the hood.
  8. So why would you get rid of the v8 for a Toyota? I mean you could've gotten your 250 to 400 horsepower easier if you wanted to stay that low and a lot less costly than it would've done after you did all this for the Toyota. But I mean maybe you just wanted to stay Japanese I mean to each his own for sure. It's an impressive build to begin with so I applaud to your hard work. If you're shooting for doing extreme horsepower in future you could've went with a m70 or s70 v12 twin turbo it and you're at a 1000 hp cheaper than it would be getting that Toyota to a 1000.. Just my .02.
  9. Dude thank you so much and thank you new zed for all your help I really have my head wrapped around this thing now.
  10. So having all the holes that are around the square holes blocked are ok?
  11. So I used the search and the Google with key words of holes blocked by gasket and I've read the three pages of threads here and while they talk about blocked holes they don't say what happens. One thread had two blocked holes on bottom using performance gasket. Other with different holes blocked or not in other holes. But none with that one blocked hole on mine in that specific spot. Although one thread with pictures on the exact block and head as mine no one answered what happened with blocked holes.. So you think that I should just use the gasket with the one blocked hole. Worse comes to wor
  12. No the gasket that was on it was blown to bits by the previous owner. Chunks were missing like 3 inches of gasket was just missing all around various holes and in the front by the chain. I laid all the busted pieces out but sections where the holes were are gone just missing gasket material.
  13. This was the gasket that came with the kit when I told them 83 Datsun 280zx na.i replaced all the other gaskets and when I got to head gasket. It blocked a ton of holes on both the head and the block. http://imgur.com/iJid28z
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