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  1. 240z Ebrake assembly

    I have 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the diagram if you need them.
  2. Diff experts - what is this setup from?

    I figured as much, this is what they look like.
  3. Diff experts - what is this setup from?

    Thanks for the info! Not really looking for info in order to sell, just trying to figure out what I have on my hands. I may use the half shafts if I put an R200 in my project 240Z. Thanks again.
  4. Diff experts - what is this setup from?

    Popped the cover off. Looks like an open diff with 49:12 on the ring gear which I think translates to 4.08:1.
  5. Hi all. I'm no expert, so I'm turning to you guys. I'm parting out a 240Z and it had this differential setup in it. It is shorter than a standard 240Z diff and has CVs at both ends. It had a homemade hack of a front mount holding it in. Part number on top of the housing are 38311-40f00. Pics: