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  1. TheWeekendWagon

    '78 Factory A/C Relay Wiring Questions

    Thanks! I must admit I still don't fully understand how that is the conclusion but I will take your word for it! I would like to learn more about this part of things as it is admittedly one of my weakest areas of automotive knowledge so if you don't mind a few more questions I would appreciate the lesson! My confusion lies with both LY 12V power lines being constantly fed power from the fuse box. if the power to the coil is constant wouldn't that mean the relay is always triggered? In it's normal state shouldn't it not be getting power until the switch sends power to it triggering the relay? Clearly I am not understanding something here as I don't think Datsun would have some sort of weird voodoo relay, but I would like to understand. From what I gather you have the power and ground to the coil in the relay. You hit the switch, power goes to the coil and creates the magnetic field that makes the connection between the constant power source and the thing you're trying to turn on. In this particular case is the F.I.C.D. or the Pressure Switch the key to how this all works? Does the coil not get ground unless the pressure switch connection is made?
  2. TheWeekendWagon

    '78 Factory A/C Relay Wiring Questions

    Well you would think I would be able to figure it out, but I am either reading the wiring diagram wrong or not understanding how that particular factory relay works. From what I can tell LY originates at the fuse block so I would think it was power. Here's the wiring diagram for the A/C circuit...
  3. TheWeekendWagon

    '78 Factory A/C Relay Wiring Questions

    Also in somewhat related news, the only other part I am missing is the fast idle actuator that bolts to the intake manifold if anyone has one they want to sell!
  4. CLIFFS NOTES: Has anyone replaced the factory A/C relay with an aftermarket relay? If so, what specs did you get and how did you wire it up? LONG VERSION: Almost done returning my 280Z to functioning factory A/C after a previous owner's questionable retrofit/repair job. One of the last pieces I am missing is the factory A/C relay. It is missing completely and it is super hard to find without spending $80+. Question #1 - Can it be replaced with a standard off-the-shelf relay? I would assume so, but I am not sure the specs on the factory one. Question #2 - How would it be wired? It's not super straight forward on the factory wiring diagram side. I have stared at it for hours and I can't confidently figure it out. There are 4 wires from the factory, 2x LY, L, and Y Usually on a relay you have constant power, power from the switch, power to the component you're trying to turn on, and ground. I am no wiring expert but I cannot for the life of me figure out how the factory wiring diagram gets all those things to the relay. The LY wires appear to be the power wires from the switch. It can be traced from the fuse box to the blower motor and a/c resistor (switch), then it runs to the relay where it splits into 3. Two of the LY wires go to the relay, the other goes to the F.I.C.D. Why are there two LY wires going to the relay when the originate from the same main wire? The L wire, this one is pretty clearly the power to the compressor and it also branches off to the F.I.C.D. The A/C is switched on, the relay triggers and sends power to the compressor and F.I.C.D. Got it. That's the only easy one. The Y wire goes from the relay to the Pressure Switch. Which one is ground? Which one is 12V constant? It's driving me crazy! Thanks in advance for any help!
  5. TheWeekendWagon

    WTB: Sun Visor Clip (280Z)

    Looking for the piece that sandwiches between the rear view mirror and the roof that's sole purpose is to hold the inside posts of the sun visors. Went to pull mine off so I can change the vinyl that's behind it and it completely crumbled apart in my hands. For a 1978 280Z. Thanks in advance!
  6. TheWeekendWagon

    WTB: Heater Control Valve ('78)

    Looking for a working heater control valve for my '78 280Z w/Factory A/C. Mine leaks all over the interior. ZCarSource.com will rebuild it for $180 but I figured I would try and see if anyone would sell me a good one first. Mine is still burried under all the dash stuff so this is a link to the ZCarSource page so you can see a photo of what I am looking for... https://zcarsource.com/rebuilt-280z-heater-control-valve-for-the-1976-78-starting-in-august-of-1975-datsun-280z Thanks in advance!
  7. TheWeekendWagon

    Hello from Las Vegas!

    Thanks! It's getting there but it's nowhere close to how I have it pictured in my head. Baby steps!
  8. TheWeekendWagon

    Hello from Las Vegas!

  9. TheWeekendWagon

    Hello from Las Vegas!

    Hey everyone! New guy here from Vegas! I've had a long history with Z cars starting with a 350Z, then a 370Z, and now I picked up my first "classic" Z car, a 1978 280Z! I have had it for a few years now actually but it's been a slow moving project with too many distractions since I got it. From what I can tell it has been in Vegas since '78 and has been used fairly regularly since new. Not sure how many actual miles are on it, but in the condition I bought it in it appeared very original. It runs and drives quite nicely and since I have owned it I have re-done quite a few things and gotten it mechanically sound. Just working on getting it looking good and then fine tuning everything. Big things I have done are BC Coilovers, some cheap wheels to bridge the gap until I finish the rest of the car, and a new paint job that turned out horrible, but at least it looks okay in photos haha. Long story short the body shop did ZERO bodywork so the 50 door dings and small dents are much more visible now with the shiny new paint. Not to mention there's overspray everywhere inside and in the engine bay from a half-assed masking job. Ah well, live and learn. It will get re-done again one day, it's just money right? Anyway, this isn't a build thread so I will stop rambling. Looking forward to learning a lot more about this platform on here! I haven't taken any decent photos of it but heres a quick before and current...I hate to say it's an after because it's definitely nowhere close to being done. The day I bought it... Currently looks like this...