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  1. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Socorob I am going fuel cell. I hate that spare tire well. Waste of space. Thanks for the offer. I need to find a matching lock set for my doors and hatch.
  2. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Got a little more work done. Have a few things otw in the mail to get fitted and I'm starting on the dash repair and cleaning up some of the older stuff will post progress pics
  3. Early (rusted out) 260Z part out.

    Did u sell the 260z embles on the front quarters and how about the driver fender cup for the light. To 29128
  4. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Thanks Richard for all your input. Got a decent bit of progress done this weekend. Thinking I'm gonna need a new driver fender mine is pretty rotten.
  5. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Umm I wouldn't say it is easy. But I have to tear this one down anyways so swapping the housing and required items if bought new from GM cost around 450-550 ish putting me at 650-750 for a stronger fbody t56
  6. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    What about the side windows
  7. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Anyone have glass removal tips?
  8. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Another update with a few more pictures. Sorry for the terrible pics my shop still doesn't have power....hopefully getting that fixed by the end of the month. Got the 5.3 and tremec t56. Also got the hood and hatch off and more of the interior pannels out. Most are in pretty decent shape. Gonna get new door skins and lower rear quarters made at a local shop. Mine had bad water damage. But I still have most of them for a decent template.
  9. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    Update. This weekend I am picking up a t56 transmission out of an 05 Vette for 200 bucks. It needs 3rd fixed. I couldn't pass on the deal. And I'm picking up a gen 3 5.3 long lock for the rebuild for 300bucks. 500 for drivetrain is pretty good deal imo. Anyone rebuilt the t56 themselves?
  10. 74 260z 5.3 resto mod

    No real updates today. It has been extremely cold for this time of year here in South Carolina, but I plan on getting some work done Friday before work.and maybe a few more pictures. This weekend I hope to go pick up the gen3 5.3 long lock to start disassembly and cleaning.
  11. So over the weekend I finally found a decent 260z to start my build I've been wanting to do since about 2008. Like most z cars it has it's rust and it needs alot of stuff. But I was kind of looking for one with those needs. I don't have a ton of pics yet but I have started a little of the teardown. The second pic of it is after I got it home and into her new home.