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  1. wolfsburgedition

    76 280z parts - hatch, trans, heater core, etc

  2. wolfsburgedition

    240z part out

    Passenger side inspection door shipped to 12525?
  3. wolfsburgedition

    240z part out

    PM Sent
  4. wolfsburgedition

    240Z/ L28ET Parts

    PM Sent
  5. Did you ever find one? I think I have one if you are looking.
  6. wolfsburgedition

    parting out 1977 280z 2+2

    I am looking for headlight assemblies. Those conehead looking jammies that hold in the headlights. What 'cha got?
  7. wolfsburgedition

    1978 280z 3.1L Turbo LDS Parting Out

    Driver and passenger headlight assembly? Those cone looking things that the headlight sits in.
  8. wolfsburgedition

    Make me an offer...need this stuff gone

    Still have the head and the cam...I think...I gotta look. R200 is sold
  9. wolfsburgedition

    Make me an offer...need this stuff gone

    Still have calipers...plus a rear override bar...plus an N42 head and block
  10. wolfsburgedition

    MD - Cometic Turbo Head Gasket

    Where were you a week ago??? Ugh...I just bought that exact gasket. GLWS.
  11. wolfsburgedition

    81-83 Turbo Oil Pump New Japan w/ Gaskets

    Dibs if things don't work out.
  12. wolfsburgedition

    Make me an offer...need this stuff gone

    The calipers were on the car when I got it (5 years ago). They worked then, but I used them 5-6 times to get the car where I needed it and then tore the car down. They have "new" pads with lots of life left. I'll look at them this weekend and take more pictures if you are interested. Let me know.
  13. wolfsburgedition

    Make me an offer...need this stuff gone

    Springs sold...now let's move the rest of this stuff out. No one needs a pair of stock calipers? Someone must be restoring something to original somewhere. Make me an offer! I've got a project to finish...or get closer to finishing. Thanks for looking.