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  1. Still looking for a 5 speed wide ratio trans. I have 240z and 280z parts to trade if interested.
  2. Hey, I'll print those up for you this week if you're sure you need them. I opted to replace my steering column firewall gasket because the original was falling apart and I had the steering column off for rebuilding. I can also print custom firewall wiring grommet sizes. For example, the one I printed for the wipers has a center hole size of about 3/8 to 1/2 inch which fits my wires nicely. I have a model for the seat covers. I will try to print some test ones this week and see how they turn out. Let me know if you want to go ahead with the first three items and I will get those made for you. Thanks, James
  3. I do. PMing you now.
  4. Didn't see your location on mobile. I'm definitely willing to help you out. I just need to make the time to pull it apart and box it up, which I likely won't be able to do until next week.
  5. Okay. Local pickup only with the trans around the Antelope Valley CA.
  6. Junior, yes I do have it. I'll send you a message and we can get a shipping quote going. Thanks,
  7. Larry, I'll get my old tach down tonight and take a look at it and get back to you. James
  8. Yeah that makes sense. Not everyone has access to a TIG welder or wants to bother with fabricating their own. A complete product would sell better, you're right. Sounds good. I'll keep you in mind when I'm going forward with my manifold.
  9. @Gollum Any idea what the demand for these is? I was trained on our CNC machine at work the other day and I'm really wanting to machine one for myself and weld my own manifold. I would consider cutting a few of these if people are interested.
  10. Yeah, the first person snagged it. Sorry. I've seen some on eBay for a similar price.
  11. PM sent. Let me know because I'm making a run to USPS, UPS, and FedEx tomorrow. A sale is pending, but here are some pics. The plastic studs on the back that fasten it to the tailight are broken off.
  12. I'm nearing the end of my build and have several parts I don't need. Prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. I'm located in Tehachapi CA. Local pick up is fine, too. N47 intake manifold with EGR block off plates (from a '78 280z) - $100 + shipping Urethane Spindle Pin Bushing Kit (rear LCA outer bushings only) -- $20 Energy Suspension polyurethane compression rod bushings -- $15 Red Interior Plastic Rivets, 70 - 73 240z - $5 per pack of 10 (4 packs available) '76 - '78 280z ECU Kick Panel Cover - $30 '78 280z Restored License Plate Light - $50 '78 280z Relay Bracket $25 280z Horn Relay (tested) - $25 280z Fuel Pump Relay 25230-H7200 (tested) - $25 280z A/C Relay 25230-H7200 (tested) - $25 280z Inhibitor Relay 25230-H7200 (tested) - $25 280z EFI Main Relay 25230-89970 (tested) $15 280z Fuel Pump Control Relay 25230-89966 $15 280z OEM Right Side Pillar Badge (New) - $40 240z Tailight Chrome Trim - $20 Side Marker Lenses - $5 each + shipping Rear Side Marker Light Housings - $5 each + shipping (inside has been painted white) Front Side Marker Light Housing - $5 + shipping (inside has been painted white) New Side Marker Rubber Seals - $20 for all Side Marker Chrome Trim Pieces - $5 each + shipping Front Park/Turn Signal Rubber Seals - $15 240z Painted Front Sway Bar - $20 + shipping 3D Printed Flexible Inner Mud Flaps - $7.50 each 3D Printed Flexible 240z Steering Column Firewall Gasket - $10 each 3D Printed Firewall Wiper Grommet - $5.00 each Custom 3D printed grommets, seals, gaskets, inspection light lenses, chair slider knobs, seat mechanism covers, etc. Contact me. 280z 2+2 NEW sewn-molded, black, cut-pile 5-piece carpet kit - $100 + shipping (like this http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic08g06b/40-2564 ) 20190326_151124.mp4
  13. Bump. Reduced the price on the head again. Make me an offer on the head. It's freshly rebuilt and ready to run. You couldn't build one for the price I have it listed!
  14. I'm looking for a custom intake manifold for my L28ET. I contacted Lonewolf Performance and he said they no longer make the custom intakes Thanks
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