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  1. Free stuff

    Someone is supposed to come by today and get some parts. I'll post later whats left.
  2. Free stuff

    Email me if you want to come and pick up this stuff. Mwicard at g mail .com
  3. Free stuff

    Tom Yes it's free. Some one please help me clean out my shop
  4. Free stuff

    My bad guys. I'm near unc charlotte. Harrisburg.
  5. Free stuff

  6. Free stuff

  7. More free stuff

    From the album For Sale

  8. For Sale

  9. Free stuff

    From the album For Sale

  10. Free stuff

    I've got lots of parts I want gone. Stock rear hatch and glass from a 72. Nice shape Fiberglass hood. It's heavy but fits well Fiberglass front fenders. Never mounted. No idea on fit 5 piece g nose never mounted. Looks like it would be a nice nose.when mounted. Pick up only. Please help me clean out my shop
  11. Try switching side mine went on with out any problems. If this does not work give wolf creek a call. They were always very helpful to me Good luck.
  12. Be sure you have ignition powered while cranking. I had mine wired where it had power in on position but no power while cranking. Was vats removed from PCM? As mentioned ignition modules will go out on these.
  13. This is a nice looking and fully functional shifter for a 700r4. It keeps he factory look but will shift in to all 4 forward positions. Low gear is just below 1 on the shift indicator. Comes with cable and is a bolt in item. Shift Handel is very nice. It was bought new when he car was built. Car has a t56 now. Cost is 175 shipped to lower 48. http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/27413-image/ http://forums.hybridz.org/gallery/image/27412-image/
  14. image

    From the album For Sale