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  1. I saw the no international shipping but it didn't register. thanks
  2. Thanks for the input. John’s has a stellar reputation I would not hesitate to buy from him.
  3. I'm looking at this kit. https://jdm-car-parts.com/products/star-road-full-body-kit-for-datsun-240z-260z-280z-cars-available-now I've never seen one in person, just lots of pics. I'm wondering does anyone have insight into the quality and fit of this kit. My assumption is the parts should be perfect for the price, however I have also dealt with showcars parts and pieces. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks Mark
  4. John I was going to post a tutorial on my trans alignment procedure. Brama thanks for the link. Didn’t know about those discs. Looks cool. Maybe next time I change the oil I’ll look into using those. Apple jt1 knows his stuff.
  5. jt1 as usual you bring a level of detail and expertise that I normally get to after I’ve broken things 3-4 times. The block is perfect. The bell housing was out of spec by a couple of thousands. I can only imagine the shifting issues this would have caused. I was able to use a plumb bob, carpenters square and a finger nail file to bring it back into spec. Again appreciate your input on this project.
  6. Do you have a link for that disc? Thanks.
  7. Jt1 You are no help. It took great restraint not to take the sawzall to the rear fenders while I was cutting for the fuel cell.
  8. The previous tank was a plastic jazz cell. Most of this cars time is spent on the track but it is tagged and insured. The plastic cell was always in the back of my mind. Between the cell and the cage for the cell, I’m sure this set up weighs more than the stock tank. If this car was primarily a street car I would have left the stock tank.
  9. Car needed a clutch. Next thing I know I’m putting in a fuel cell.
  10. Agreed on that Heim joint. I maybe wrong but I can’t understand how that would not move. That said, there are many things I don’t understand.
  11. mark

    Free stuff

    Someone is supposed to come by today and get some parts. I'll post later whats left.
  12. mark

    Free stuff

    Email me if you want to come and pick up this stuff. Mwicard at g mail .com
  13. mark

    Free stuff

    Tom Yes it's free. Some one please help me clean out my shop
  14. mark

    Free stuff

    My bad guys. I'm near unc charlotte. Harrisburg.
  15. mark

    Free stuff

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