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  1. Here are some old pictures I have, I don't have the condenser but I can get some when I go to the body shop next week. At least you can see the lines coming from the compressor going through the firewall into the evaporator.
  2. Hood is just about done, my car should be coming home in a week or so. Can't wait.
  3. Finally my car has paint again and this time the body work is done right. All that's left to do now is wetsand, buff the car and assembly. If you are in Texas DO NOT take your car to Richey Collision for any work. They were known to do great custom body work but after what they did to my car I would not spend a dime there.
  4. I think it all boils down to money. How much are you willing to spend to do it right and have the peace of mind your car will not overheat and damage your engine. You can piece together components from different cars and make it work or you can call radiator builders that have engineers on their staff that will design a radiator for your specific set up. They take all you accessories into account, thickness of the condenser, hp the car will be producing as well as how you will drive the car and design a radiator for you that will bolt right into the factory location and will cool your engine under any condition. Some people have super expensive turbo or stroker motors and want to cool it down with a $200 radiator but that's their choice. My A/C blows super cold in 100 plus degree weather with the car sitting still. Here are some pictures of it, it was designed by Wizard Cooling. Highly recommend them if you decide to go that route. Here are a couple of pictures, before and after install.
  5. I have John's Compressor with the factory evaporator and it works great. I did go with a vintage air condenser. Super cold air.
  6. After looking for months for Inner Fender Liners I was able to find a complete set. However they were cracked in multiple places and some of the mounting holes were 2 sizes too big due to damage. That seems to be the norm with these parts since they are old and brittle. Finding a complete set it's a task all on its own. Finding a perfect set it's just about impossible. I found a place that has a plastic welder and sent them the parts. They had a hard time welding the plastic but were able to get the job done and you can't see where they welded these parts. Now to finish to body work on this car and repaint it so I can get it on the road sometime this millennium.
  7. Looking for a set of the 3 piece inner fender liners. I will take a set or just individual pieces.
  8. I knew I had an issue with my fiberglass hood mounting flange (where it bolts to the hinge) hitting the cold air intake. The mounting flange is super thick in comparison to the stock hood and it hits the intake. Some say why not redo the cold air intake but I just like the way it came out so that's not an option for me. I have been trying to come up with solutions and still use the same hood since I like the scoop. The scoop is not massive plus I don't see this type of hood on a lot of S30's which is a big plus for me. Nothing worse than hearing, I know someone that has one just like it after you spend tons of money trying to make your car unique. So I decided to purchase an used stock steel hood and have it modified to look just like the fiberglass hood. This is the progress so far.
  9. Since my car is in paint prison I decided to remove the exhaust and have it ceramic coated and re-polished the tips. This way I feel like I'm making progress.
  10. I will take them, I assume you want paypal. Is so txt me your paypal email address to 979-221-9750. By the way do you have these? They go on the long bolt of the tail light. I would buy them from you as well. The body shop lost mine.
  11. The look good, how much do you want for them?
  12. Well let me know what you decide to do, I'm interested in the best set of course but willing to consider other options as long as you can provide some pictures. I don't want anything with cracks.
  13. Did you get a chance to see if you had another set?
  14. Looking for tail light panels for a 280Z. I have attached a picture of what I’m talking about. If they have the center chrome inserts that would be great but not required.
  15. Finally took my car back to the body shop to get it repainted. I just got home from vacation and was surprised to see that my custom floor mats had arrived.
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