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  1. Thanks, I have not seen that. I tried making them out of 1/16" ABS plastic using a heat gun to shape it but there is just too many changes in direction on some parts of the fender liner and it just buckles and looks terrible not to mentioned does not fit right. I spent 3 days messing with it and just gave up. I think the best way to replicate this may be a 3D printer but who knows what that would cost. Most people just do without them. I want them on my car because I have seen S30 fenders with dents from the inside from a rock being kicked up by the tire.
  2. Looking for front fender liners for 78 280Z
  3. Finally received the Oil Catch Can from the chrome plater and was able to get it installed on the car. It turned out to be a PITA but what else is new with this car. It seems nothing fits as it's supposed to but after some work I got it done. Now I will check next week and see if the pressure issues are gone. Cross fingers and toes.
  4. Your car is looking great. I hope to be driving mine soon, getting closer.
  5. Thank You, I did that already and confirmed what the engine builder suspected. There were fumes coming from the dipstick tube. I also ran the motor with the oil fill cap off and the oil leak stopped. I'm just glad I caught it now before driving it or some wide open throttle runs.
  6. After running my car at idle for over an hour or so I noticed an oil drip from the front and rear mean engine seals. I spoke with the engine manufacturer and they immediately pointed towards not enough crankcase ventilation. I have an LS3 catch can on my car which I was told would provide enough crankcase ventilation as well as remove contaminants from the crankcase. It was designed for a stock or mildly modified LS3. Good thing I did not have my car dyno tuned yet or I would have blown the seals clean out. After reaching out to Elite Engineering's technical support it appears that the catch can I have does not provide enough crankcase ventilation for a stroker motor. It turns out I need a completely different set up. They recommended their Elite E2-X Ultra catch can with clean side oil separator. That kit is designed for high horsepower or boosted engines. I went ahead and ordered it, just waiting on them to manufacture it and send it out. I have attached pictures of what I had which is the chrome plated catch can from Elite Engineering and how it was connected as well as the new set up I ordered and the sketch of how it is supposed to be connected for this application (without the turbo of course). I suggest anyone running an LS motor specially a modified motor to take a close look at articles on the Corvette Forum about this topic. It's not just about venting the crankcase but trapping harmful contaminants produced during combustion. I have spent countless hours reading though all sorts of material on the topic and it appears a lot of people just vent the crankcase by putting a small filter on the oil filler cap or using a vented oil catch can. The proper and legal way to do it is a closed catch can system that provides proper crankcase ventilation or run a vacuum pup which is not feasible for street cars. I will post updates once I have it installed.
  7. Yes sir, that's the Hurst shifter boot and the Datsun boot combined. We tried the diode route and we could not do it since their kit has a diode already in place. We were able to get a resistor to work and turn the light off but it was getting hot as hell. We then tried a bigger resistor and then nothing would work. I'm hoping the diagram and harness they sent fixes it. If not we will just have to experiment with different size and brand resistors in order to find one that actually works and does not get supper hot.
  8. I had to have the Hurst shifter modified since it was too tall and leaned to the left a bit too much. It is now centered with the console and the correct height when I install the knob. Once we get the high beam indicator light sorted then it's off to get the carpet done. The high beam indicator light stays on all the time, it's a bit dim but it's on. It appears this is a known issue with the Dapper Lighting HID kits. Somehow the ballast bleeds back ground which turns on the high beam indicator light all the time. I have been working with Dapper Lighting and it appears the fix is to covert the system to a positive switch instead of a ground switch. They are sending me a diagram and hopefully that fixes the problem. The HID lights work as they should the only issue is the high beam indicator staying on all the time which just annoys the hell out of me.
  9. I guess it's like most things when building a car. It boils down to personal preference. Personally I think a dual exhaust sounds much better and looks much better than a single exhaust. I know people that love the sound of a single exhaust though. So it's all about what you want. I don't race my car therefore the extra weight does not bother me at all. For racing it may be a different story though, depending on the type of racing being done.
  10. Welcome back, Looking forward to seeing this build come together.
  11. OK, Sorry for taking so long to get back to you with the hanger pictures but here they are. There are 4 hangers on this exhaust. One behind each muffler and one on each side of the X pipe. The exhaust is solid and doe snot move around but has enough flexibility to move some due to the urethane bushings.
  12. I was able to vacuum the A/C system this weekend to 30 inches of vacuum. Held vacuum overnight and charged it the next day. Not bad for idling in a 105 degree garage. I think it will do better on the highway. Now to get the oil pressure and engine water temperature gauge synchronized to the ECU.
  13. I'm with you man, dual all the way back is the way to go. Don't send your parts back just yet. I had my exhaust built since I don't possess fab skills. The hangers were made to fit as well. X pipe was flow tested to ensure it works properly. I don't have pictures of the hangers but I will try and get you some in the next couple of days.
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