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  1. ycrealtor

    Wtb 240z title and VIN plates

    Anyone willing to sell VIN plates and title of your parts car. Looking for 70, 71 or 72 240z.
  2. ycrealtor

    C110 Skyline taillights + panel

  3. ycrealtor

    zx 31 axels and Louvers

    Those are not Shiro VLSD axles
  4. I've been looking around at wheel options for my Z with a 5-lug conversion and was curious if anyone here is running Torq Thrust wheels. Specifically I'm interested in knowing if the Torq Thrust D's 16x8 with clear the rear disc conversion using the MM 240sx caliper set up. Searched around but couldn't find any threads using these wheels, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. ycrealtor

    Datsun 240Z - Hugo ??

    Another thread, same build http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/thread17399.html
  6. ycrealtor

    Chevy V6

    I'm in the process of doing this swap on my z, I haven't gotten to the mounts yet but do know it will have to be a custom set up
  7. ycrealtor

    R180 clsd rear differential trade for r200 vlsd

    I've got a vlsd out of an 88 ss z31, kind of thinking of selling if the price is right, also have the half shafts but will need to be rebooted.
  8. ycrealtor

    R180 clsd rear differential trade for r200 vlsd

    what kind of VLSD are you looking for?
  9. ycrealtor

    how did everyone find their r200 swap

    But if I have the cv axles i shouldn't have any issues, right?
  10. ycrealtor

    how did everyone find their r200 swap

    I just happen to have one of those (88 ss vlsd), why is it hard to make it work?
  11. ycrealtor

    how did everyone find their r200 swap

    So did all 300zx turbos come with a LSD R200? I know this might have addressed another topic but can't seem to find it.
  12. I've been reading quite a bit about this install but I'm still a bit confuse, any help will be greatly appreciated. So I've got a 280z r200 mustache, the 88 SS diff with half shafts, flanges, bearings, and stub axles. From what I've read I can not use the stub axles on the S30 but what about the Z31 companion flange. I heard of people actually using the 87 z31 companion flange on their open r200 diffs, I'm assuming their isn't much difference from an 87 to an 88 other that the bolt pattern. So would it be possible to use the z31 companion flange with the 280z stub axles? Is the 280z companion flange(27 spline) an alt. option, or is it absolutely required to get the MM z31 companion flange adapter?
  13. ycrealtor

    Maxima caliper brackets

    look for an 87-89
  14. ycrealtor

    4X4 5-lug parts

    The round also seem to change the offset, I didn't get a chance to measure it but I'm sure it was positive. I just got a set of pentagon style ones this weekend but haven't had a chance to try them yet. So from what you're saying I should also expect these pentagon style hubs to also leave a small gap of about an 1/8".
  15. ycrealtor

    4X4 5-lug parts

    I'm also going this route, I have tried a set on front hubs from an 88 z31 (the round ones) and using the stock 240z bearings the hubs slide in just like the stock one but end up about an 1/8 inch short of sitting as far back as the stock hubs. does anyone who's done this swap using the early pentagon type know if they sit all the way back the the stock ones?
  16. ycrealtor

    240Z CCW wheels, AZC 5 lug brakes, ZG flares

    interested in the mustache bar... are you in the bay area?
  17. that was a killer deal......... I just picked one up for $220 about a month ago.
  18. Try these guys.... I think they're still in business. http://www.zccjdm.com/catalog.php/azcarbum/dt73726/pd1751867/_IMSA___3_PIECE_TAIL_
  19. I know there's a lot of info out there on this topics but I'm just looking for some input from all you who have use these diffs. I currently have an R200 VLSD out of an 88 shiro special edition and I'm still debating weather to sell it and get an R200 out of a 91 Q45. I've done a lot of research and am very familiar with all the specs on each one but still somewhat confused on what will be better for my project. And just to fill you in, I'm working on a 72 240z with a stock LS1 T56 Swap, might see a day or two at track but will mainly be a daily driver. Just looking for some input on both these diffs. thanks in advance for any replies.