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    Interested in selling and trading from my collection of hard to find Z -car vintage parts and accessories to Z-car restoration projects.

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  1. I have a pair of AC high pressure hoses. Just saw them going through my stash of parts. Let me pull them out and i'll let you know.
  2. I have that module for the ZX ignition. P/m sent.
  3. I have a 1975 Z 280 smog exempt a car i have owned it since 2006 and have built this car from the bottom up. Before i go too far i'm in California,so would that still interest you ?
  4. Send my your e/mail to my p/m and i'll send pics of the exact same one you're asking for.
  5. I have one from a NAP-Z motor with efi.
  6. I have the dizzy and air mass sensor. Send me a p/m if still looking to purchase.
  7. I have a pair and may sell one if still wanted. P/m sent.
  8. I know where one is, i can get it but you'll have to ship it from California. If interested let me know.
  9. Do you have a passenger side door panel and pics ? Thanks.
  10. I have a brand new clutch plate and disc 225mm all Japanese performance. Sending you a p/m in a few minutes.
  11. I have a complete R-200 complete Differential with 3:90 R&P in excellent shape less than 85k miles got it through diligence on my part to keep as a spare for my 1975 Z Efi i'm selling in a few weeks.I will not be needing it and will sell it for what it's worth. Send message to my p/m box with your interest.
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