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  1. In for e85 info. Curious about a high comp NA L series
  2. Hatch is primered with small rust spots but has intact glass. What would be a fair price?
  3. Have a 240z roof skin in orange. Any idea what its worth? Mild surface rust but otherwise straight.
  4. Adding to this topic: would an e31 on a flattop bottom end with a large (.490/280) cam be alright with 91? Trying to plan an autocross engine build for my Zx.
  5. I would look at isky cams. The cam you have listed is pretty big but there is a bit more room if you wanted. Depends on how you like to drive really. Do you wanna rev it out or keep it down low?
  6. N42 is the block Im going to,use for,my stroker after reading all the posts on here. Supposedly much stronger and I have 2 laying around so if the shop messes up I get a second try. As for adding more cam: more cam,means you can, in theory, get away with more compression on pump gas. And keep,in mind the L series is not like a v8. You have to rev it out to make power.
  7. You could shave the p90 and add more cam. That would be fun and should be good to go on pump gas.
  8. I want that setup for an L28 so bad. Any info on how makes it?
  9. Im looking into swapping my autocross s130. Plan on lq4 with a t56.
  10. Thats what I have on my '80 if I remeber correctly.
  11. I have a decent condition e31 head and Im not really sure what to ask for it or if its even worth selling.
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