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  1. Hey Ive seen your car on craigslist here in Medford.

  2. 79 280zx parts/project

    Bump. I'm a motivated seller...
  3. 79 280zx parts/project

    Sorry it took me so long to write back, I'd have to check on shipping, but $150 + shipping would work for me.
  4. 79 280zx parts/project

    on the fifth day, Tim said: let there be a bump. I suppose I should say on the price... Or best offer
  5. 79 280zx parts/project

    Financial changes and an uncertain employment future are forcing me to abandon my project. 1979 280zx Centerforce 2 clutch installed(slightly used OEM clutch is there too) Fidanza aluminum flywheel installed New master and slave clutch pistons installed Body is straight, all glass is intact besides the windshield, which has a crack. Original paint was brown, its covered with black krylon currently. New carpet kit (still in box) Nissan turbocharger and turbo exhaust manifold (not installed) Tagged until 3/2012 Clear title Now the bad news: The #5 piston broke. I don't have the time/facility/patience/money to do what needs to be done. The car is currently at a shop in Medford where the diagnosis was made. I can have it towed within the Rogue Valley, or you can pick it up. Because it does have some nice parts in it, and a straight body, I'm asking $1000 for it.
  6. The Z Store

    They've backordered items on me for almost a month twice now. I'm displeased with their customer service. *frustration*
  7. Winter bench racing can increase your hp.

    My Z is still down from stuff that failed during a shakedown run. Bench racing is all I got!
  8. Timing chain rattle?

    Thanks for the advice, I'll be checking it out this weekend.
  9. Timing chain rattle?

    The oil pressure shows in the low-middle of the gauge (I don't recall numbers) and then about the time the rattle goes away it moves up to 2/3 to 3/4 position.
  10. Timing chain rattle?

    Vehicle: 1979 280zx, stock N/A engine Symptoms: When the car is cold there is a rattling sound and it runs very rich. After running for 5-10 minutes the rattle clears up and the engine stops running rich. If I stop the engine and wait a few minutes then start up again, the rattle is there for a few miles again. While it is rattling and running rich, the engine idle is low, about 400rpm and it hesitates and tries to die when I come to a stop. After 10 minutes or so the richness clears up and the idle comes up to 1400 (I have a lightweight flywheel and haven't adjusted the idle yet). I adjusted the valves very carefully using the fit/no fit method (thanks to KammyZ's photo tutorial), there was no change to the sound. I stethoscoped the engine with a driver extension rod and the sound seems to be coming from the block and or the valve cover. Link to short video I shot with my blackberry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6MAzNcwmS8 I've been searching a lot around HBZ and youtube and it seems this could be a timing chain rattle. What do y'all think? If I take the valve cover off, can I check the chain tension? How loose/tight should the chain be?
  11. warm weather, dumb drivers

    If you're going to do something stupid, use a deserted length of rural highway to do it, then have your friends tow you back when you break something.
  12. Still breaking things

  13. New memebr from South Africa

    Welcome. Is your Z a 2+2 or is that just the angle fooling me?
  14. Alternator bolts

    Vehicle: '79 280zx My ZX has all the symptoms of a bad alternator, so I went to remove it. When I removed it I found out that the adjustment bolt was the only thing holding it in. My question is: What kind of bolt(s) should be holding the alternator on in addition to the adjustment bolt? Thank you.