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  1. Bump - any update on this kit? I really like their G nose and Aero? front ends.
  2. Sweet baby jesus this is the things I've been losing sleep over at night and I'm so glad I came across this! I'm going to be running 800hp in my car and NEED this size tire! I refuse to cut my factory wheel wells. I will take this exact same route except probably different wheels. Woohoo!!
  3. Hey guys, I haven't posted on this forum in awhile but would like to get back to relaying updates here rather than Facebook as documentation for work on these cars are readily available here whereas not so much on Facebook groups. Over the last couple weeks, my fabricator Ross at Rebellion Forge has taken on the task of fabricating some bars for my 240z including a 4 point roll bar, radius rod reinforcement, seat brackets, subframe connectors and front strut tower braces. For those of you that don't know, I have an ongoing YouTube series (2J-Z) that I have been documenting my work through videos on this car. Check out the latest episode on the build as we dive into the chassis fabrication in order to reinforce the car to ultimately prepare it for 600-800hp as a street monster!
  4. Wow looks awesome! I just had a quote come back from JustDashes...$1750!! Far more expensive than I was expecting. Is this the go-to method for restoring these S30 dashes? I have the typical 3 cracks on the gauges in the center. I'd love to restore mine, but if it isn't going to last if I do it myself...I'd rather have it re-covered by a professional.
  5. Good information @Nelsonian, I think regardless of what you do with a car this old, at some point it needs to be stripped and refreshed (unless you're into the whole all-original/matching numbers concept). I think the big question in my head is solved...modify the chassis and drivetrain to a point where it is running and driving and all fabrication is done and once you're happy with the results - strip it, dip it and put it back together.
  6. I'm on board with this. It seems to make the most sense to iron out all the fine details on a "rough" draft of the car and then tear it down, make it pretty, and put it all back together and have a pretty car when it's all said and done.
  7. I'd have to disagree there - I've been watching Dominic Le go through an entire teardown and rebuild in one year's time (dnicle on Instagram). The timeline is highly dependent on the kind of time someone plans to commit to the project on a daily basis and experience level. Another build I admire is John's Raw Brokerage build (here). I believe they have a solid approach by building the car and doing all fabrication, cutting, etc. to the point where the car is "done" and once they have everything wrapped up, they break the entire car down to the bare frame, repaint and put it all back together. I think this may be the best approach, in my opinion. What are your guys' thoughts?
  8. Hello! I am in the process of building an 800hp 2JZ powered 1973 Datsun 240z. This car has zero structural rust issues but does have some dings and a couple minor paint issues that need addressed, but nothing major. Being a 44 year old car, I keep asking myself how far does one go when it comes to refreshing these cars?+ Part of me keeps wanting to strip the entire chassis down to nothing, blast it, repaint it and build it up from there. Another part of me sees the existing chassis and wants to simply re-undercoat the car and buff the paint and modify from there. My question for you HybridZ is...what is the right way to go about doing this? Are there disadvantages other than time and money to stripping the chassis down and totally overhaul the car? Could I potentially weaken the chassis in some way shape or form? The bones are good, I know that, but I want to ensure that if I didn't decide to strip the chassis down to nothing that I don't regret it. I'd love to hear your guys' opinion. Like I said, this will feature an 800+hp 2JZ and I plan to have a 4-point roll bar, subframe connectors, triangulated strut tower bars and perhaps some other structural additions to support the power. This will primarily be a weekend warrior street car with some drag racing and lots of roll racing. Thanks!
  9. Bumping this thread - great information here! I've only skimmed, but could OP assemble a parts list of everything needed (thus far) to complete this retrofit? Can't wait to jump into mine!
  10. Bumping this thread... Austin did you or anyone else in here that mounted your engines to the frame rails have issues? I'm about to mount tabs to my frame rail for my 2JZ build in my '73.
  11. Not yet - working on it! Check out my YouTube channel to follow updates on the build here: https://goo.gl/i9ewu4
  12. Can you talk more about the diff mount design? I just picked up the T3 R230 kit and they provide their version of a mount. What does T3's design lack?
  13. Putting a CD009 behind my 2J in my '73 - would love to hear about how you guys are mounting it in the car!
  14. Bump - anyone know what the beta motorsports mounts look like? Getting ready to fab my own at this point.
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