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  1. Kanzen

    L28 Engine Reconditioning.

    Hey bro, Thanks for the rundown, definately shines a light on the situation. I namely wanted to pull it apart to see what sort of condition the cylinders are in, and if anything had been replaced IE : different heads, cam, whatever. If they werent looking too great, then I was going to just throw a 6.3 in her. Throttle plates were closed, exhaust is on the engine, other then that, hasnt been touched. Just waiting to get a radiator and new sparkes then Ill follow your advice. If I run into any dramas, Ill holla back and chances are something'll go wrong hahaha. Peace, Leon.
  2. Hey Z-fanatics, After years of torment, I've finally managed to start putting money into my beloved 1971 240z. The car itself has been sitting for around a year, and the engine has not been turned over for a similar period of time. Engine block is F54. Engine heads are P90. Engine is running twin roundtop SU Carbies. The carbs are bonedry, so those themselves would need to be cleaned/rebalanced. Getting new radiator, piping, electric ignition and other goodies. Looking to eventually TURBBBBBBBO the engine, but at this point in time, just looking to have it running on the road. In fear of the engine being seized, that Im curious to see what the condition of the chambers are, Im looking ot get the engine reconditioned. The question being - what does this consist of? what gets checked/replaced? whats required to turn the motor from running leaded fuel to unleaded, can this be done with that procedure? Before I take it to a professional/ask them, I figured I would try and get a heads up first to see what sort of money I'd be looking at, and ask the REAL professionals. I live in Australia, and the money is there, I just don't want to go getting ripped off. Regards, Leon.
  3. Kanzen

    The Z Store

    Hey guys, I live in Australia, have tried calling them with the extension and have been unsuccessful. In the past theyve been quick to answer emails but Leftover Z may have it, backlogged to the shithouse with orders with that event coming up. Aus Dollar is strong at the moment, wanted to get in before it drops, though I doubt thatll happen for a while. Id assume all the parts Ive ordered will be out of stock/backlogged, proberbly a solid K worth of bits and bobs. I guess Ill just wait patiently in the meantime. Regards, Leon.
  4. Kanzen

    The Z Store

    Hey you cool kats, I was wondering if anyone has heard from theZstore.com lately? Im proberbly overreacting, but I placed an order about a week ago and havent heard anything back. Times gone past theyve been very reliable and fast to answer emails. They on holiday, huge backlog, burning rubber? lol Wanted to buy some goodies whilst the AUD is still strong. Regards, Leon.
  5. Hey bros and hoes, I work at a pawnbrokers and there are a set (4) rims with decent tread tyres coming out for sale soon. Theyre nothing flash, but seeing how I could get the fullset for around 249, Im not complaining. Now the original goal is to get a full set of ROTA RB-Rs with some phat tyres, however money is going elsewhere at the moment and I just need something thatll pass the pits. Rims : Manaray eurobein WP767 17x7JJ 4x114.3 620kgpw Tyres : 205/40/ZR17 84W XL I'm worried the width of the rim and tyre is too small for my 240, the car has KING Coilovers running stock rims at the moment, however due to bigger brake upgrades in the front and back, need bigger rims, and want to avoid the dramas of flares until I start doing the bodywork. Question : Are they going to work, or am I better off just saving up and getting the better product?
  6. Kanzen

    My official L31DETT RHD thread.

    I have no two cents on the matter, but that engine is just absolute car-porn. Seriously, I'll know that I'll never be able to put that sort of engine together. Man, just epic, truly, Fast Z. Curious mate, I know the work youve done with it has been a co-op with your old man but, how old are you man?
  7. Kanzen

    Hi from Australia

    Superclearn setup man, very impressed! Where abouts in Aus do you call home? I kind of got screwed out and am in good ol WA, home of every other type of sports bar the Z. Glad to see another Aussie join the ranks, throw up some more info about The Panda man, would love to see and hear more about it.
  8. Kanzen

    Youngins: How'd you end up with a Z?

    A long story on how I found the 240z. Many years ago, there was a local sports event held annually where owners of some beautiful, classic cars would show off, however there was a casualty one year, guy lost control of his car, died, car was totalled, turns out it was a 240z. Anyway, didnt think about it for years, forgot about it, apart from those beautiful lines...and then I met a guy who became my boss then my best friend, and introduced me to a game, this game had a 240z in it, and I went mental, I was like OMFG THAT'S IT, as I didnt know the name of what it was, even the papers didnt have the name of the car all those years ago, much research later and now Im obZessed. So a couple of months after my 21st, I found one in Melbourne, bought it, and have had her for just over a year now...but its getting depressing, seeing all my mates in Supras, ZXs, Slowbarus, Skyrines, you name it, and my car has just been...sitting there...where people find the money, at younger ages then I, makes me wonder why I bought her in the first place.
  9. Kanzen

    Brake kits on sale!!!!!!

    Hey man, Id be interested, sorry man, wallets have been bare for months, finally got the cash to work on the car again, could get cash to you in about 4-5 days, have lost your Paypal information, looking for the 240z hub axel style, your "special" still happening bro?
  10. Kanzen

    HICAS Removal/PS Pump modification?

    Could be the right there, might be more hassle then what its worth. Ill have a look around and read up on how to connect the two hose ends, surely its not that hard....right? haha.
  11. Kanzen

    HICAS Removal/PS Pump modification?

    Sorry, trying to explain it ended up in me jumbling up my own words. Alrighty sounds like I need to get my hands on an NA pump, should of done that from the start. I didnt recieve anything in the kit that would reconnect the lines together, that was another thought running through my head, and I didnt see anything like that in the kit either...unless I'm missing something?
  12. Hey HybridZ, My brother has just recently bought a '92 Z32 TT, and its kickass man, smokes V8s and Lancers (what more is there to life?) only problem is, is that after a couple of days of driving, HICAS light came on, and HICAS is playing up big time, has been off the road for a week or two now. I purchased a HICAS Eliminator kit from Driftworks, friendly bunch, fast delivery and in the process of installing it now, problem I've just run into (and should of realised earlier) is having to modify the powersteering pump from high pressure to low pressure and seizing the lines to the rear of the car. Would I be better off buying a low pressure powersteering pump from lets say, another car and just tossing the high pressure one in the z32? Thats about all I have found about it... Any insight? past stories? need some hardcore help, its a popular practice but I cant find any intel anywhere about it.
  13. Kanzen

    Z32 Tranny Install Writeup

    Nice work on the Transmission, Phil. Speaking of the adaptor plate, I've had a look around and it seems like Mazworx is the only place that does them, I have a L28 in my Z (going to work it) and figured by Phils situation, I shouldnt run into too much trouble when I finally get it up and running, as far as I can tell, Ill try and contact them but do they ship internationally? getting a Z31/2 tranny isnt hard, its just that adaptor plate which is holding me back.
  14. Kanzen

    what color is this??

    Have always liked the look of Green Z's, I think Jeffer249(?) has that black Z with that swirl of purple in the coat, perhaps you could go black with a swirl of green, dont know how that would look, give it a nice edge, proberbly cost more then its worth...then again you want to show off those flares so the solid colour might work better in your favour. Go with the green, Big Man.
  15. Kanzen

    Car runs fine then dies

    Have you had the engine checked/serviced, perhaps the timing is off? firing problems? carbs not balanced? have to keep ticking the list off. Perhaps its time to just strip it down and just rebuild the electrics man, something is dicky in the system, I have run into similar problems with my car. What plans you have for the engine anyway?