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  1. Happy camper!

    Just want to say thanks to all that have shared maps, and writeups, thanks Mobythevan for answering my PM's and the awesome writeup you did. I dont have much knowledge on MS to give input so I dont post much, but I did read lots! This is first startup after having it rebuilt and going turbo on it. 440cc injectors JSK fuel rail Aeromotive FPR walbro 255lph pump t3t04 240sx TB '83 dizzy still have some odds and ends to do but all in all ...accomplishment is felt! its loud due to no exhaust and sound is crappy but enjoy!
  2. 280ZX parts (some pics)

    do you have both side seat belts, and receptacles? Condition, price? been looking for a black set for a while.
  3. No spark.. No fuel..

    Black White (BW) wire connected to coil + - - the black and white wire in schematics shows to be switched 12v HEI module connected to coil + (as in the schematic) coil + is connected to a condenser condenser black wire then connects to the base of the distributor coil - is only conected to the HEI module as in the schematic is your coil still good also? with that constant 12v to it, you might have fried it inside.
  4. No spark.. No fuel..

    from what i have read it takes NO time to fry those things, even a bad ground with no heat sink could fry it. I would get it tested and make sure it works now, im pretty new to this whole thing too so no expert here.
  5. No spark.. No fuel..

    As far as the instructions go you dont need live to the coil, just pos and neg from HEI. Your live to coil is probably feeding the HEI and making it heat up.
  6. Turbo Project No Start - Help!

    when you loaded the msq does it copy initial settings too? Cyngus is running high impedance injectors so pwm settings are way different.
  7. No spark.. No fuel..

    Well just from reading this and moby;s install, you have one thing wrong i think... from install notes: "Also, if you use the GM 4 pin HEI module, go into MegaTuneSS under trigger and cranking window and make sure the invert box is NOT checked. At first I had this box set to invert the output and it caused my cranking timing and running timing to differ by 20 crank degrees."
  8. Fuel lines

    sweet thanks.!
  9. Fuel lines

    I have a 81 280zx NA, I am close to getting the turbo engine together and into the car...I am using 440cc injectors, 255lph walbro fuel pump, areomotive FPR, JSK fuel rail, I was wondering if my stock fuel lines have to be upgraded to something bigger? I am going to be running a t3/t4, I want to run 15-18psi of boost. How much can these lines flow? and what do you suggest I upgrade them to if insufficient. thanks.
  10. Injectors

    can you run high impedance injectors with ms? thanks
  11. that looks like sscrappychrome turbo too..serial numbers stamped the same, no external reference to manufacturer...stay away!
  12. Can you finish sand flat black?

    no my "viper black" was my base coat...thats what you are doing right...your flat black is your base coat???
  13. Can you finish sand flat black?

    yes you can sand it ...you have to be carefull.... for my paint, as you saw, after spraying the base coat (which was flat black), i got specks in it...so i sanded it down with 800 WET...and then put another coat of base before i cleared it...but remember..if you didnt sand under the basecoat...all the scratches are UNDER it so in order to take them out...you would have to go trough the basecoat i dont know if you wanna do that...gotta pic?...if not still wet sand it with 800 and dont go trough and should look way beter
  14. painted in garage...

    took off the window trim... also its not really going to be 7...i sprayed 4 i sanded some off (probably lost one whole coat) then ill spray 3 and sand again...so ill lose another half or one whole coat to make it perfect...so im looking at 5-6 for depth... but yeah thanks guys
  15. painted in garage...

    im n00b at paint too...but i decided to see how i can do...so far its good...im happy, its not perfect there is flaws but im am overwhelmed with what i accomplished. with the roller...it will turn out as shiny and as good if you put on enough to have when you sand it down it will smooth out painting is not the issue..its the prep... thanks!