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  1. big-phil

    VIDEO rb30 spinning 3rd@60mph

    Very rough street tune, I need to go back to the dyno. I fixed a big boost leak from my last dyno visit it's a different sort of beast now
  2. big-phil

    Dallas ice storm 2013 street ice skating GoPro

    And I didn't fall!! Ice was thick, almost all gone now
  3. big-phil

    VIDEO rb30 spinning 3rd@60mph

    Thanks guys, it's very "go-cart" like
  4. big-phil

    VIDEO rb30 spinning 3rd@60mph

    Finger is feeling pretty good
  5. big-phil

    VIDEO rb30 spinning 3rd@60mph

    Thank you sir.
  6. big-phil

    STOLEN 260Z 2+2 in Ireland - found

    I don't know what I'd do in that situation...I'd be devastated. So sorry man
  7. big-phil

    My $1500 '72 240Z

  8. I've tried and tried to link this right, but my PC skills have failed me yet again? this is the best i could do http://youtu.be/We87zKtdo0g
  9. big-phil

    HYBRID Z EXCLUSIVE....The Overkill Z is for sale

    Blew tryin to keep up with you lol
  10. The only thing I like about this 280z, IS THE COLOR!! Tony's right! 280z all day long
  11. big-phil

    Holset HX35w install

    The Holset feels really good compared to the stock T3, looking good
  12. big-phil

    Rhd s130 on Craigslist

    I saw that weeks ago, to much $$$ or I'd be interested
  13. big-phil

    VIDEO of my rb30Z on the dyno

    It was super hot and overheated at that point
  14. big-phil

    VIDEO of my rb30Z on the dyno

    39-40lbs fuel at idle, I think it was 55-56lbs at full boost