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[SOLVED] Fresh install rb30 cuts out at 4000 rpm

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Hi Guys,


Took the car out for a test drive yesterday.. RB30E. It cuts out at 4000 rpms... As if the entire ECU shuts off then comes back on just before the engine dies or stays off for a short while completely.


The ECU is in diagnostic mode from what I can tell (I never screwed around moving the dial, but its pointing towards 'diagnostic'). Could this be the problem? Would it cut out at 4k to stop engine damage in the event the throttle body got stuck open perhaps?


Will check when I get home, but am just pre-empting..



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Woot. It was the diagnostic mode. Turned the pot all the way back to the other side started the car and revved to 5k. No issues.


Drove down the street and pulled it hard back up under load up to 6k. Such a difference in torque.


Cheers for the response iBang. ^^

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