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1969 Datsun 510 2Dr Z22 turbo EFI build

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Picking away at the endless "little things" while I try to get the head studs squared away. Did some more porting and polishing on the exhaust manifold. I already matched the ports but I wanted to transistion and take some of the roughness of the casting out and round off any sharp edges going into the turbo flange. Cleaned it up and painted it satin black with some header paint to match the head.



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OK I've finally sourced the head bolts.  My local parts place wanted 4x as much for the nuts, etc with a four to six week lead time.  Ordered them from Regal at Northern Auto Parts for a fraction of what the local shop wanted and 7-10 days to get them in.


Working on the turbo manifold a bit.  Got a heavy blanking plate cut and had made a copper gasket and had it annealed to make it soft.  I'll use these to block off the wategate flange on the turbo as I'll be using a stock T3 from a 280ZX with an internal wastegate.





Got an old 280ZX turbo cast downpipe and hacked off the flange.  Port matched it to the T3 outlet then tapered out for a mandrel bent 2 1/2" down pipe which I'll likely flare to 3".  The turbo flange is a little rounded so it looks like there is a lip but it matches up perfectly.







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Looks better polished and anodized red :)  Under the sodium vapour lamps makes the colours look funny but you get the idea.




My blue toolbox is in the background - you can see how the light from the blue reflects off the polished anozided part making it look purple (red + blue)

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