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Just another SR20DET 240Z build... not 56k friendly (if that still exists)

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For all those sending me messages/emails, sorry for the long down time. The owner of the shop I was working with for fabrication decided to retire and close his shop which necessitated some quick shop juggling to get my parts and car to somewhere to get odds and ends wrapped up so it would be able to come back to our shop. Now that the car is home I'm working to knock the seals back into the car and get it buttoned up for washing, then the paint guy can do his touch ups and wrap up his work that's been delayed for months.



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Since I'm sure a lot of people who have been messaging me think the project is dead and all the images are broken, if you are interested in following this project you can catch it on my YouTube channel AmbiVe or my website www.ambive.com as one of the featured projects. It maybe taking forever, and possibly cursed, but I will finish this project!

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