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    In the midst of sr20det swap into my 75' 280z ratsun. Apart of the DiZeased Datsun group in northern cali.
  1. jparker893

    Bride door cards

    Just bought the fabric off some random site and had a buddy sewn them in once I took the door panel off. The fabric was around $25
  2. jparker893

    Bride door cards

    I've seen this in a couple other cars and decided to try it out myself and I'm pretty happy with it
  3. jparker893

    Anyone running a top mount turbo on their SR?

    @speedtech what do you mean by "space up the motor a bit"?
  4. jparker893

    280z sr20det intercooler and fuel pump

    I bought the CX racing intercooler and the walbro 255 pump. Both have done great work and I have not had a problem.
  5. Blew my turbo on the way back from SoCal. Rather than buy a replacement turbo, I figured it's time for an upgrade. So I did some research and bought the ISR(formerly know as ISIS) Performance RS3871. I'm planning on doing a top mount set up and haven't seen any info on what will and what won't work fitment wise. Is it their any issues that I need to worry about? I've seen photos of top mount set ups on the interwebs so I am just hoping is super easy and all I have to do is buy the top mount manifold and the supporting mods. BTW: these are the turbo specs Compressor side 3" inlet Exhaust side 0.64 A/R turbine housing, Results: This turbo is rated up to ~380hp.
  6. jparker893

    What intercooler is best to run for an SR?

    cx racing had a god intercooler and i got the piping from http://www.siliconeintakes.com/
  7. jparker893

    s15 240z?

    @CasperIV mine sits like that too (also an s13). However the shifter isn't as far back as yours. Does yours sit a little tilted to the right if looked from the front?
  8. jparker893

    What intercooler is best to run for an SR?

    I've got an Sr20det so the routes a little different, but I will check out the 90 degree piece. This is the route I have to take
  9. jparker893

    What intercooler is best to run for an SR?

    I found the same one you posted in the pic with the custom straights for sale on ebay and bought it. What did you do piping wise from then on?
  10. jparker893

    What intercooler is best to run for an SR?

    Do you know the measurements perhaps? there seems to be a couple different sizes Found this one, it's from a 93' and the CORE DIMENSIONS - 20 X 2 X 8.5 INCHES END TANK OUTLET PIPES - 2.5 INCHES http://www.ebay.com/itm/isuzu-NPR-4BD2-INTERCOOLER-turbo-FRONT-MOUNT-KIT-honda-civic-acura-integra-b16-/171198337366?pt=Other_Vehicle_Parts&hash=item27dc375156&vxp=mtr
  11. Had an extra greddy intercooler of my s13 but it's to big to put into my 280z. What intercoolers do you guys run? Is there a way to do a stacked set up to fill the gap? possibly an extra support?
  12. that's weird my steering rack bushing went in easy, I haven't even attempted the rear yet
  13. I had the same question, my mounts are custom and I was told to mount the mount to the engine then drop in the engine and where it sits nice you drill in holes for bolts. I don't know how the mckinny or vildini ones go though
  14. Got the bushings in, had to shave them down a little