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  1. Still for sale. Price lowered to $1700
  2. SSR Longchamp XR-4 - set of 4 15 x 7" 0 offset 4x114.3 Professionally polished by Love20bee (if you know him he does amazing work on JDM classic wheels). Look him up on Instagram Never mounted after repolishing, was going to put this on my 260z but decided on a different route $1800 So cal, Los Angeles Sorry pick up only
  3. terse

    Turbo parts

    PMs replied, still have some stuff left. Make me an offer guys!
  4. terse

    Turbo parts

    Updated the listing. Turbo and valve is still left. Make me an offer! Thanks guys
  5. terse

    Turbo parts

    Updated the listing and responded to all PMs. Few things still left
  6. terse

    Turbo parts

    Thread updated with parts left
  7. terse

    Turbo parts

    Updated the for sale listing. Swap is being parted out...
  8. terse

    Turbo parts

    I added photos of the throttle body. It's pending sale so will let u know if it's still available. I'm not exactly sure on the mm size of the fuel rail, but it fits the supra 440 injectors You can send me a PM
  9. Everything sold, thanks everyone -Megasquirt 3 with custom plug n play harness built by Mackay Powers, NEVER installed, still new, great quality wiring and loom - SOLD -Garrett T3/T4 turbo, 57trim 63AR - SOLD -L28 motor - F54 block, P79 head - SOLD -Supra 440c injectors - SOLD -Intercooler and piping with blow-off valve, generic - SOLD -Exhaust manifold - SOLD -Custom shaved and polished intake manifold - SOLD -Palnet fuel rail with fuel gauge - SOLD -Motorsport Auto 2.5 in downpipe, never used - SOLD -Polished 240sx throttle body with spacer - SOLD
  10. awesome keep us updated with your progress. build looking great so far i cringed a bit seeing the engine and diff on your nice hardwood floors. don't scratch them up lol
  11. Looking great! I think most of us understand the amount of work and money that goes into a restoration project like this and can truly appreciate the work done. Looks like your photobucket album is set to private, so can't see the rest of your pics
  12. Beautiful! I'd be very scared to get her dirty since that thing is so freakin clean. Watch them puddles!
  13. I'm with the "want-more-power" crowd but at the same want to keep it within the family, so my personal options were l28et or RB25/26. I have a L28et ready to go in my early 260z but there's always something in the back of my mind wanting to go the RB route. or maybe it's the 3x cost factor keeping me from "modernizing"
  14. Very nice! I just finished installing the fronts, now gotta do the rears. Your build is definitely inspiring ... mind I ask what your budget on this build is? or if you've surpassed that?
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