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bmw e38 engine swap

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I did it in a 280zx once and  put a s62 in a e36 (www.facebook.com/rmrmotorsport)  there are multiple problems, one of them, the biggest in my book is the large front sump.making any decent engine placemnet problematic.

Next is the width  (a m62 is nearly 7 inches wider than an ls1) And so the need to fab some decent headers. It also makes for a steering shaft problem.


There are work arounds for the oil pan like the Alpina oil pan or a modified X5 pan. And then there is some home grown ingenuity in fabbing your own.

Best results are had with a dry sump but that ads to the cost. and since you are aiming at the 1000 dollar car I’m assuming that you do not want to spend 4 grand on a dry sump system.

Yes it can be done, but if you are aiming for bang for the buck in the us i would go for something domestic

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Thank you for the input man your help can help me alot when i do decide to do it. Id like to stick with a vmw engine for the simple fact that DAMN ITS A GREAT engine and noobody really has it. And yes keeping it cheaply would be great but i know there would be somestuff i have to drop cheese on. Thanks again!!

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