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  1. Rest in peace! always a pleasure catching up with you on my US pelgrimages! So sorry to hear this. My condolences to his family.
  2. I did it in a 280zx once and put a s62 in a e36 (www.facebook.com/rmrmotorsport) there are multiple problems, one of them, the biggest in my book is the large front sump.making any decent engine placemnet problematic. Next is the width (a m62 is nearly 7 inches wider than an ls1) And so the need to fab some decent headers. It also makes for a steering shaft problem. There are work arounds for the oil pan like the Alpina oil pan or a modified X5 pan. And then there is some home grown ingenuity in fabbing your own. Best results are had with a dry sump but that ads to the cost. and s
  3. Nothing wrong with a good v8 powered e36
  4. Yeah well some stuff has happened it became A m5 v8 ... This stuff distracts me from my datsun to much haha!!! Most pictures can be found on www.facebook.com/rmrmotorsport
  5. There is an intact complete works car in sf aswel... With fia head
  6. Well most answers can be found by reading and using search however ill go by them step by step: what chassie (or subframe) strengthing needs to be done? Short answer is none I have over 500HP V8 through a slick top but haven’t got much time on it however plenty with a ~350HP 305 and nothing gave. Best example is Jeffp who has 600+ HP on a t top car. My car has a full cage and I seam welded most parts. But I don’t think you have at all. the s130 platform is a better (not tastewise but from a mechenical standpoint) starting point for high horsepower, mainly do to design upgrades in
  7. Thats why it is in there and well im a sucker for the rumble ....... Anybody have any experiance with set up that they like? I see the mallory units on ebay and read on forums they are fairly hassle free.
  8. So I finally got time away from my BMW e36 GTR race car (s62b50 m5 dry sumped v8 ) as we are waiting for the v8 to return from the engine shop. So finally I decided to pull the 406 and mount the T56! also I want to remake the wiring harness to the front headlights to delete all the stock FI stuff and fusible links. I have gotten more experienced in this the last year due to constant changes in the custom wiring loom of my race cars. So it is time to do this right! This is all to old school and there is allot of stuff unused or routed in a way not pleasant for the SBC as it has ‘hot sid
  9. Andy flagg has a Cadillac lump in his 280z.. that seemed really tight! it is set up as a drag car so it does not need to steer. but lets say i had an inspiring drive around the block in that car.. the torque was simply brutal. So your goal of cruising and lightning up the tires should be easy.. the BB Z I drove in felt like it wanted to lift its nose!!!! so please keep us updated!
  10. Sweeet haha i guess due to most guys here being in California under smog laws. even s130 are rare ... I wonder how it sounds .. the v8 rumble is not something you would expect by the looks of a z31
  11. This is one of those topics... That i simply love..i guess i have a wheel addiction
  12. So something like this would cure it ? http://www.ebay.com/itm/COMP-Cams-Big-Mutha-Thumpr-LS1-LS2-LS6-Complete-Roller-Cam-Kit-291-311-573-558-/271252752267?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f27ec878b&vxp=mtr
  13. All LS parts will need to be ebay bought in the US if i do not want to overpay and have a wider selection of parts. I'm looking for something fairly bombproof at the given power level, spinning between 4 and 6.5k rpm for prolonged periods.. is the LS a good set up? Or would i need allot of maintenance on the engine? Im such a noob when it comes to the GM stuff! And honestly i hate oil usage! The bmw stuff is plenty full here but missing the real torque numbers and due to the multi valve heads heavier! I like the idea of the LS engine as they seem pretty stout, so my
  14. So that will solve my problem? Or would i be better off buying an e92 m3 v8? As they are available at the around the same prize.. The nightmare there is electronics. If im done with the LC ill have 5 grand into it. Needing a gearbox. Headers cam etc. (It wil go in my gtr e36 race car). The s65b40 will be about a grand more due to electronics... This wil give me 420 hp. The lc9 with a decent cam intake 450? Or is that expecting to much? Same money would also swap in a s62b50 m5 v8 giving 400 hp and 500nm. Cost there would be the dry sump system. Im missing torque at the track with my current 3
  15. Well the afm or better dod can be deleted with hp tuner.. Or are the bits bad as is? Im not to happy with what i read as it wil be race car heart
  16. Hi guys for another project im offered a 5.3 08 lc9. Mind you LS based engines are hard to find here in europe. So this is nice low milage example! The powergoal is mid 400's using a cam and intake/headercombo. Wich should be fairly reachable without straining the engine for durability. Or not? Hoewever i read tons of oil consumption problems among them bulitin 10-06-01-008 by gm. Anybody know if this is agood candiate for a road race engine? Or would you guys walk away?
  17. haha good memoires .. and my ZXR !!!! that has a diffrent look to it now aswel
  18. The weakest part does not necessarily give, you forget the Gear ratio in the diff the length of the axle to the force in this train of thoughts. but i like the out of the box thinking with the IRS
  19. I have 265 on 17"on all corners now, and i like some meat on the tires for the classic look so ill keep it that way
  20. Nice progress!!! and indeed intresting way to route the fuel line !! Next time bring this to MSA
  21. With enough time and money and skills! Anything will fit in/on/to anything
  22. Why not super turboing it!! I showed it works ... eeehm not so good LOL
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