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  1. Datsun got featured in Finnish car magazine. Heres nice pics by Kimmo Janhunen. If someone from Europe is looking this kind of Datsun contact me, Im thinking of selling this.
  2. Yes that´s one good thing in Finland. Almost all of our houses have carbon fiber curing room.
  3. Its running again. It still needs some work before first drive but getting there. Video
  4. Front spoiler is now done. Now need decide if I paint it body color or black.
  5. No not yet bored, especially as there is still much more boost to be founded. But always need to think next step. M54B30 could indeed be good option. Those are cheap, have dual vanos, and as said have aluminium block. And I remember correctly this sump that I currently have fits to that engine. That engine combined with Rotrex could be nice combo. But next summer is going to be this old engine.
  6. That N52 or N54 would be nice modern 6 cyl option. Haven´t looked if some of those engines have rear sump, if not it is not as simple swap as this was. Im on the fence what to do next with engine. More displacement, turbo, more displacement+turbo, or totally different engine. European E36 M3 engine would be nice, too bad those are hard to find and quite expensive.
  7. Used rivet nuts in middle and through bolts in sides. Sorry no pictures of that.
  8. Is is this one. http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic02a01g/50-1652 I ordered euro spoiler and because part is so big air freight to Finland would have been very expensive so I used ship freight instead. After waiting about 2-3 months it arrived but then I noticed they send me this Nismo-style spoiler instead. They would have send me new one but it would take another 2-3 months to arrive so I decided to keep this one and modify it. They gave me refund so can´t complain their customer service. I like it much more now when those air intake holes are removed but it is littl
  9. Finally found time to finish fan shroud so radiator is ready to be installed. I cured that part in sauna. It made quite a bit difference to part stiffness. After that is was clear coated. I modified Nismo-style front spoiler. Now it fits quite well and atleast in my opinion it looks better. Now I need to make mold from it and manufacture new part.
  10. I dindn´t have gasket for my original rear view mirror so I modelled and printed it. After printing it was painted with rubber paint.
  11. Here is how I mounted 4" to original gauge pod. Just used 4 screws to hold gauge in place.
  12. I have 8.75x15 et19 in back. Tyre contacts just a little bit to coilover adjustment nut so I am using 5mm spacers (so final ET is now 14). My tyres are 225/50. This calculator shows that your wheels are 17mm closer to wheel arch than mine. Not sure if there is that much room. http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=225&aspect=50&diameter=15&wheelwidth=8.75&offset=14&width2=225&aspect2=50&wheel_size=15&wheel_width=9&offset2=0#isPage=1
  13. I fabricated new exhaust that replaces current 2.5". Its now 3" with two Dynamax mufflers. Also mounted larger intercooler and oil cooler for Rotrex. IC is treadstone and oil cooler is Setrab.
  14. Thanks guys! DomiNATE: I update that IG litte bit more often than here.
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