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Advice for value of a 280ZXT to use as a drivetrain donor

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If you look at the Price section, it's all there, but if I toss it in this forum, perhaps more of you with the ZX Turbo's will see it.


Want to use a 280ZX Turbo drivetrain in my 71. Found a 130K mile, 5 spd, unmolested example. Body is in decent shape, has some rust, and a couple broken windows (Hatch and rear side), so some local cats have whizzed in it. Has flat tires, and was not treated well when it was last dragged up on to a flatbread hauler (where it sits today).


I was thinking I would start at $500, willing to go as high as $1000


Am I in the ballpark?



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Me again.  You're probably not getting many responses because this topic comes up every few months.  Search the forums a little closer and you'll find threads that say "too much, I got mine for $400 (ten years ago)" or "that's a great deal, 280ZX's are going for $1000's today".  Big picture wise, it's about time.  How long do you want to wait for a screaming deal?  Any engine from a salvage yard is going to cost about $300.  You get a whole car.


And you mis-titled this one - 289ZXT is not a thing.  God luck.  

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